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Surface Grinders

High-level precision is needed when surface grinding and finishing to ensure products are ready for distribution and proper performance. Our toolroom surface grinders for sale deliver the critical capabilities you need for day-to-day operations.

F-Grind Surface Grinder Series

The main structure on these industrial surface grinders is analyzed by the Finite Element technique with different combinations of external forces to ensure the stiffness of the machine. The base of the automatic surface grindering machine is expanded, increasing the table load capacity and as well as overall stability. A full-support rail design reinforces the vibration dampening properties and thus precision of the machine. Its spindle runs in a class P4 high precision angular contact bearing, assuring run-out accuracy within 2 μm. The cartridge-type spindle is completely sealed and lubricated for high accuracy during grinding and a long service life. Cross stroke adjustment for X & Z axes is included standard. Travel setting by joystick allows for feed speed adjustment according to the workpiece type for increased convenience of operation. Also, table dressing is standard on all automatic surface grinding machines.

Surface Grinder Key Features

Pre-programmed grinding modes on the optional AD5 controller include Surface, Crisscross, Plunge, and Pitch (same pitch and same depth) grinding are standard. The optional 3 axes CNC control is necessary for contour grinding.

Roughing and finishing parameters are adjustable on this metal surface grinder machine V guides are used for cross travel and the flat table guideways are hardened, ground and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coated for very high wear resistance. High table load capacity for heavy workpieces ensures maximum usability. All key features necessary for your surface grinding equipment to ensure maximum accuracy and efficiency.

F-Grind AH • Automatic Surface Grinders with 3 axes, 6x18" to 16x32"

These smaller F-Grind AH surface grinders feature auto crossfeed, longitudinal movement by sensor and solenoid valve, and manual movement of the vertical axis.

F-Grind A • Automatic Surface Grinder, 20x40" to 28x80"

The larger F-Grind A surface grinders feature auto crossfeed by a solid state relay, longitudinal movement by hydraulics, and high positioning accuracy of the vertical axis is realized by an AC servo motor in conjunction with a recirculating ball screw. The hydraulic table movement and electronic saddle movement in automatic surface grinders combine to enhance continuous feed grinding, improving the efficiency and precision of the grinding process.

F-Grind V • Automatic Surface Grinder, 31x58" to 39x117"

The standard AD5 NC wheel head downfeed feature in automatic surface grinders further ensures accurate grinding by allowing for precise control and adjustment of the grinding process, resulting in consistent and high-quality finished products. It boasts automatic feed in the X, Y, and Z with an AC servo motor and recirculating ball screw for vertical high positioning accuracy. For desired working height, the rapid traverse function can be set.

Double V guides are utilized for the cross travel. The extra high table load capacity is in place to accommodate heavy work pieces.

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Surface Grinders Standard Configuration

  • High-performance spindle bearing for extremely quiet operation
  • Heavy, stiffened cast frame with superior dampening properties
  • Linear guides and recirculating ball screw leadscrew in vertical axis
  • Grinding wheel (standard)
  • Grinding wheel flange (standard)
  • Balancing counter stand
  • Balancing stand
  • Diamond dresser
  • Work light
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Leveling pads and bolts
  • Tool kit
  • Operation manual
  • AD 5 NC control (F-Grind V, F-Grind Advanced)

Surface Grinders Optional Configuration

  • AD 5 NC control
  • Magnetic chuck
  • Coolant system with paper filter and/or magnetic separator
  • Automatic demagnetizing
  • Extra grinding wheel
  • Backsplash guard
  • Parallel dresser (manual)
  • NC-controlled dressing and compensating device
  • Micro-fine cross feed
  • Micro-fine vertical feed
  • Vertical rapid feed

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Surface Grinders Specs Availability
F-Grind 2045 AH 8″x18″, AD5 NC Control,
Electromagnetic Chuck, Magnetic Separator, Coolant
F-Grind 2550 AH 10″x20″, AD5 NC Control,
Electromagnetic Chuck, Coolant
F-Grind 3060 AH 12″x23″, AD5 NC Control,
Electromagnetic Chuck, Magnetic Separator, Coolant
F-Grind 4080 AH 16″x31″, AD5 NC Control,
Electromagnetic Chuck, Magnetic Separator, Coolant
F-Grind 60100 A 24″x40″, AD5 NC Control,
Electromagnetic Chuck, Magnetic Paper Separator, Coolant

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