Quick Start Guide Press Brakes (Manual)

Use this Quick Start Guide Press Brakes (Manual) guide to get your HPA-P to work!

Need a hydraulic workshop press brake with up to 200t and a 7 x 4′ footprint? Look no further! Discover the compact power of HPA-P manual press brakes by KAAST Machine Tools. Introduced at Fabtech 2018, HPA-P series stands out. It’s sought after by job shops, prototyping, and production facilities. These European-built machines offer cost-effective solutions. Providing 100, 150, or 200 tons of pressure, they ensure smooth operation. With manual controls, they’re a budget-friendly choice. Simplify tasks with one-step functionality. Limit switches minimize cycle times. Choose from various working widths and adjustable table heights. Guide columns ensure even pressure distribution.

hpap start guide press brakes manual

1. Read the User Manual

2. Anchor and level machine

3. Confirm voltage requirements

4. Remove hydraulics cover

5. Check/fill hydraulic fluid

6. Connect to power – See sticker on cabinet door

7. Turn on Power Switch

8. Press Start button

9. Confirm electrical phases
Confirm motor direction matches arrow
If rotation is incorrect, swap L1 and L2

10. Replace hydraulics cover

11. Adjust/confirm stroke of ram

12. Adjustment mode allows the Ram Up and Ram Down buttons to be used to assist with stroke adjustment

13. Run mode disables these buttons

14. Press both Hand Control Buttons simultaneously to run

Quick Start Guide Press Brakes (Manual)
Stroke Adjustment

STROKE ADJUSTMENT start guide press brakesSQ1 – Top safety limit DO NOT CHANGE

SQ2 – Top limit for ram

SQ3 – Speed change point from Advance to Working

SQ4 – Bottom safety limit DO NOT CHANGE

SQ5 – Bottom limit for ram

Click HERE to download a PDF of these directions!