cold saws chop saw dc 350x KAASTKAAST has added a new semi-automatic cold saw DC 350 X
to their already extensive line-up of machine tools.

The DC 350 X is a 4.5” capacity semi-automatic, double gear, wet-type, circular cut-off saw. This machine is robustly crafted to meet the high demands of industrial settings, ensuring performance and reliability. The solid construction of the cast iron base and high-quality components used in the DC 350 X contribute to its durability. The swiveling head of this chop saw allows for 90 ° or 45° cutting with ease.

One of the standout features of the DC 350 X is its powerful 2.5-3 Hp motor coupled with a double gear transmission system. Implementing a double gear transmission system, like a dual-clutch transmission (DCT), in a machine motor offers significant advantages.

new semi-automatic cold saw DC 350 X Double Gear Transmission Advantages

Enhanced Efficiency

Double gear transmissions provide efficient power transfer in the semi automatic cold saw DC 350 X, reducing energy losses associated with conventional systems.

Smooth and Rapid Shifting

Dual-clutch mechanisms allow seamless and rapid gear changes without interrupting power delivery.

Increased Productivity

Faster, smoother gear shifts improve cycle times and maximize output.

Precision Control

Dual-clutch systems offer precise control over gear selection and transitions.

Durability and Reliability

These systems are designed to handle heavy loads and high speeds in the semi automatic cold saw DC 350 X.

Reduced Wear and Tear

Smooth operation minimizes mechanical stress, reducing wear and tear on comp

Enhanced Operator Experience

They improve user experience by providing smoother, more predictable operation.

Optimized Performance

Dual-clutch transmissions optimize performance by selecting the most appropriate gear for current conditions in the semi automatic cold saw DC 350 X.

In summary, double gear transmission systems enhance efficiency, productivity, precision, and reliability, making them ideal for industrial applications such as the semi automatic cold saw DC 350 X.

The wet cutting system of the DC 350 X significantly reduces heat generation during the cutting process. By minimizing heat, the machine helps to extend the life of the cutting blade. This feature is particularly beneficial when cutting through hard materials.This method offers several advantages and is widely used in various industrial applications.

Advantages of Semi-Automatic Cold Saw DC 350 X
Wet Cutting

Temperature Control

Wet cutting effectively manages the heat generated during the cutting process. The cooling fluid absorbs the heat, preventing the metal from overheating.

Extended Blade Life

By reducing the temperature, wet cutting minimizes thermal stress on the saw blade. This leads to a longer blade lifespan, reducing the frequency of blade replacements on the semi automatic cold saw DC 350 X.

Improved Cut Quality

The cooling fluid helps to maintain the integrity of the metal, reducing the risk of warping or distorting. This results in cleaner, more precise cuts.

Dust and Debris Management

Wet cutting with the semi automatic cold saw DC 350 X reduces airborne dust and debris. The cooling fluid captures particles, leading to a cleaner work environment and reducing health hazards.

Reduced Friction

The lubrication provided by the cooling fluid decreases friction between the blade and the metal. This allows for smoother cutting and reduces wear on the blade.


Wet cutting is suitable for a wide range of metals, including ferrous and non-ferrous materials. It is particularly effective for cutting thick or hard metals.

Safety Considerations

While wet cutting improves many aspects of the process, it requires proper safety measures. Using appropriate protective gear and ensuring proper disposal of the used cooling fluid are essential.

In summary, wet cutting with the semi automatic cold saw DC 350 X enhances temperature control, blade life, cut quality, and safety. These benefits make it a preferred method in many industrial applications.

Hydro-pneumatic head actuation is controlled via foot pedal, and the pneumatic split vice holds material securely during the cut.

The hydro-pneumatic head actuation of the semi automatic cold saw DC 350 X combines hydraulic and pneumatic technologies to control the movement of the cold saw’s head. Hydro-pneumatic systems provide fine control over the head movement. The hydraulic component allows for smooth, controlled motion, while the pneumatic component offer rapid positioning. The pneumatic aspect of the system enables quick responses and rapid movement. This is essential for high-speed applications where efficiency is critical. These systems are designed for high durability and reliability. The systems require less maintenance compared to purely hydraulic systems. The integration of pneumatic elements reduces the strain on hydraulic components, extending service intervals. In summary, hydro-pneumatic head actuation offers precise control, force amplification, speed, and energy efficiency. These advantages make it a preferred choice in cold saw head control.

The pneumatic split vice on the semi automatic cold saw DC 350 x is an advanced work-holding solution designed to enhance the efficiency and precision of cold saw chop saw operations. Pneumatic split vices provide consistent and adjustable clamping force. This ensures the workpiece is securely held during cutting, reducing the risk of movement and improving cut accuracy. The automation provided by pneumatic clamping also speeds up the work-holding process. Operators can quickly secure and release workpieces, leading to faster cycle times and increased throughput. These vices also offer precise and repeatable clamping. This consistency is crucial for maintaining tight tolerances and high-quality cuts, especially in repetitive production environments. Pneumatic split vices typically have fewer mechanical components than traditional vices. This simplicity results in lower maintenance requirements and longer service life, reducing downtime and maintenance costs on the semi automatic cold saw DC 350 X even further.

User-friendly controls and adjustable blade speed are critical features for enhancing the performance and usability of this cold saw. User-friendly controls simplify the operation of the cold saw, reducing the learning curve for operators. This leads to quicker setup times and more efficient workflows, maximizing productivity. Adjustable blade speed allows operators to tailor the cutting parameters to specific materials and thicknesses. This ensures optimal cutting conditions, resulting in precise, clean cuts and high-quality finishes. Cold saws equipped with adjustable blade speed can handle a wide range of materials, from soft metals to hardened steels. This versatility makes the saw suitable for various applications, increasing its utility in diverse industrial settings. Proper blade speed adjustment reduces wear and tear on the blade and the saw itself. By matching the blade speed to the material being cut, operators can prevent overheating and excessive stress, extending the tool’s service life. Adjustable blade speed also ensures consistent cutting performance across different jobs. This consistency is crucial for maintaining uniform quality in repetitive production tasks, ensuring each piece meets the required specifications.

The machine is equipped with essential safety features, including blade guards and emergency stop buttons, to protect operators during use. Overall, this circular saw is an ideal choice for industries that demand precise, efficient, and safe cutting of diverse materials.