RD 50 L Radial Drill Press

The RD series Manual Clamping Radial Drill Presses are powerful and versatile tools designed for precision metalworking. In this blog post, we will discuss the key features and benefits of the RD series and why it’s a top choice for metalworking professionals.

Robust Construction for Reliable Performance From The Manual Clamping Radial Drill Press

The RD series machines boast a robust build, featuring a durable column and base that ensure stability and accuracy during drilling operations. This sturdy construction is the foundation for its consistent and reliable performance. It makes it a reliable choice for radial drilling operations. This machine incorporates a mechanical switch with forward and reverse functions. The switch ensures a longer service life and minimal damage.

Flexible Radial Arm for Enhanced Versatility

At the heart of the RD series lies its flexible radial arm, allowing both horizontal and vertical movement. This flexibility enables the drill bit to approach the workpiece from different angles and positions, making it a versatile tool for tackling a wide array of drilling tasks. The arm is constructed from high-grade cast iron, and the arm slide undergoes strict heat treatment and grinding processes for enhanced durability.

Efficient Manual Clamping System

The RD series machines are equipped with a user-friendly manual clamping system that facilitates secure workpiece positioning. This system ensures the workpiece is held firmly in place during drilling, enhancing precision and minimizing the risk of slippage.

Manual Clamping Radial Drill Presses

Adaptable Spindle Speeds and Feeds

This Manual Clamping Radial Drill Press provides multiple spindle speeds and feeds, allowing operators to tailor the drilling process according to the specific requirements of the metal being worked on. Adapting the speed and feed settings optimizes the drilling operation for various materials and hole sizes, ensuring efficiency and precision. Equipped with motors ranging from 2—10hp, the RD Manual Clamping Radial Drill Presses allows for a wide range of speed selections, making them ideal for heavy-duty cutting operations. The main spindle is balanced using a special mechanism, ensuring greater durability compared to traditional balancing methods.

Convenient Worktable Adjustments

The RD series Manual Clamping Radial Drill Presses feature an adjustable worktable, enabling operators to position the workpiece accurately. The ability to adjust the height and rotation of the worktable ensures precise hole placement and enhances overall workpiece control during the drilling process.

User-Friendly Controls for Intuitive Operation

With intuitive controls, the RD series simplifies the drilling process. Operators can easily adjust spindle speed, arm positioning, and other parameters. This enhances efficiency and productivity while maintaining precision in every operation. Additionally, an extra auxiliary dial is provided for spindle feed depth indication. This indicator allows real-time monitoring of the spindle feed depth facilitating precise control and accuracy during operations.

Safety First: Manual Clamping Radial Drill Press Built-in Safety Features

Safety is paramount when working with heavy machinery like the Radial Drill Press. This radial drill press is equipped with essential safety features including emergency stops and protective guards. It also features overload protection devices to safeguard the operator from potential injuries.

Manual Clamping Radial Drill Presses

Protective Cover for Spindle on the Manual Clamping Radial Drill Press

To avoid being hit with flying debris during the drilling operation, the protective cover (#2) must be closed. This releases the limit switch (#1) allowing the spindle to rotate.

If the protective cover is opened, the spindle will stop rotating immediately, preventing the operator from accidentally coming too close to the spindle while it is in use.

The RD Manual Clamping Radial Drill Presses by KAAST are powerful and adaptable tools that caters to the needs of professionals in the metalworking industry. Its robust construction, flexible radial arm, efficient manual clamping system, and user-friendly controls make it an excellent choice for achieving precise and consistent drilling results. Invest in a radial drill from KAAST and elevate your metalworking operations to new heights of efficiency and accuracy.