Prototyping experts 3-Dimensional Services Group are one of the fastest in the business, and they bought 4 hydraulic presses from KAAST with “zero issues”.

This fast prototyping manufacturer has “zero issues” with KAAST presses

Prototyping company 3-Dimensional Services GroupLocated just outside of Detroit, MI, this company designs and builds prototypes for many industries including automotive, aerospace, motorcycle, appliance, lawn & garden and furniture.

With over 20 years in the prototyping and short-run production business, 3-Dimensional Services Group has made a name for itself by providing the fastest, quality production for manufacturers.

hpf_200photo_degWhen Alan Peterson from 3-Dimensional came across KAAST Machine Tools while in Europe, he took particular notice of the HPF 200 hydraulic press. Wanting to make a financially-beneficial switch from their previous machine tools provider, Alan bought 4 hydraulic presses from KAAST.

3-Dimensional Services Group has now had these presses for over a year, “and so far we’ve had zero issues and haven’t needed any service. These presses were very competitively priced.”

More about the the HPF hydraulic H-Frame press

Contact 3-Dimensional Services Group today for prototyping and low-volume production runs. They are “experts in bringing part concepts to reality and laying design challenges to rest”.

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