Sweeney Metalworking is a prototype stamping company near Bridgeport, Michigan with 28 years of experience.

They specialize in metalworking for the automotive industry.

Prototype stamping company Sweeney Metalworking

Prototype stamping company uses HPC 70 S Hydraulic PressOwner Doug Sweeney discovered KAAST at a trade show, and bought the HPC 70-S hydraulic press about 2 years ago, for a big job that was coming up for their prototype stamping company.

“We needed a press with the pressure pad on the bottom, and this one came with a 40 ton press on the bottom along with the main 77 ton press. We’ve used it pretty heavily, about 10-12 hours a day, and it’s run well with no issues.”

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Sweeney Metalworking forms a broad range of materials, from 0.005” thick aluminum foils to 1/4” thick HSLA sheet. They also form Brass, Stainless, Hasteloy, and Inconel.

When designs and deadlines change, Sweeney adapts swiftly to meet their customers needs. Their 13,000 square foot machine shop and press department can handle your prototype stamping and tooling needs.

Sweeney Metalworking
4450 Marlea Dr.
Saginaw, MI 48601
(989) 401-6531