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Press brakes
There are three main brake styles in the market today. The press brake most commonly found on production floors is that which utilizes hydraulic power exclusively, via large hydraulic pistons, to provide the pressing power.
Both mechanical and hydraulic machines can perform shear machining. Hydraulic shears cut and score sheet metal quickly and accurately.
CNC sheet metal folding machines can complete multiple complex operations by creating a multiple-station setup along the length of the machine.
Due to the reduction in the amount of man hours and effort needed to cut or punch steel sections, an ironworker is often an integral part of commercial manufacturing facilities and fabrication shops.
Plate rolls
These state-of-the-art roll benders use top brand
components like Siemens, Rexroth, Bosch, Parker,
Atos, Telemechanique, SKF, NSK and FAG to
ensure high-quality lifelong performance.
Profile rolls
These machines are fabrication equipment specifically
designed for circular bending of metal profiles, angles,
rings and tubes and can be operated either vertically
or horizontally.
Presses are available in different designs and shapes,
according to the work requirement. The hydraulic press
uses the water or oil pressure to moves the slide and ram up and down.

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KAAST Machine Tools, Inc is proud to present one of the widest line-ups of fabrication equipment on the market. KAAST offers CNC and manual press brakes, ironworkers, shears,  profile rolling machines, and plate rolling machines.

Hydraulic four-column press
Tonnage: 44–220
PBH 160 • 180 • 300
PBH 160 • 180 • 300
Extra Heavy-Duty Angle Rolls
Angle: 8–12”
Pipe: 9–14”
Multi-purpose Ironworker with 5 work stations for punching, shearing and notching operations.
45–175 ton
KSP 60 • 80 • 110 • 160 • 250 Eccentric Press
KSP 60 • 80 • 110 • 160 • 250 Eccentric Press
Eccentric Press
Tonnage: 66–275
PBH 100 • 120
PBH 100 • 120
Heavy-Duty Angle Rolls.
Angle: 4–7”
Pipe: 5–8”
Cutting length: 4–10’
Max. material thickness: .1–.15”
HPC 63 D • 100 D • 160 D
HPC 63 D • 100 D • 160 D
Hydraulic press with cushion
Tonnage: 70–175