To effectively laser cut tubes and profiles up to Ø110 mm (Ø4.3”)

  • Machine frame is a compact, stress-relieved weldment
  • The system is designed specifically for 3 or 4 axis laser tube processing.
  • The system allows pipes up to 110 mm (4.3”), square profiles to 80×80 mm (3.15×3.15”), with a max length of 7000 mm (292”) [optional up to 13000 mm (512”)].
  • Automatic loading, positioning and cutting.
  • Machining of tube profiles of different cross-sections (round, square, rectangular, oval, etc.)
  • Processing of tubes with a wall thickness of 1 to 5 mm (0.04 to 0.2”) and a diameter range of 20 to 110 mm (0.8 to 4.3”)
  • Max tube diameter – 600 mm (23.6”)
  • The machine axes are driven by Siemens servo motors and preloaded ball screws.
  • The drive of the tube linear transport is a rack and pinion with helical teeth
  • 5 lifting areas with lifting belt
  • Pneumatic tube lifter
  • Tube loading magazine

150-fold savings of CO2 slab laser verses conventional laser technology!

  • CO2 Slab laser makes conventional gas circulation systems, such as Roots pumps and turbines, superfluous. The built-in laser head premix gas bottle is enough for about 12-18 months of continuous use. ]
  • Consumption only 0.2 l/h (0.05 gal/h) instead of the previous 30 l/h (8 gal/h)
  • Energy savings due to no blowers.

Standard configuration

  • CNC Siemens 840 D (RAM 3 MB RAM, 2GB Hard Drive)
  • Rofin Sinar resonator DC 015 (1500 W)
  • Automatic gas and air pressure adjustment control in the range of 0 to 22 bar
  • CNC-controlled laser head
  • 1.5” laser cutting head Precitec with 5” or 7.5” lens
  • Automatic height control in Z axis
  • 4-jaw turntable
  • Steady rest
  • Laser pointer
  • Bundle system for pipes (L = 7000 mm (292”))
  • Lens cooling system
  • Torit system DFPRO – smoke gas filtration and extraction system
  • Cutting software
  • Protective covers for laser class 1
  • Operation manual

Optional configuration

  • ROFIN SINAR DC 020 Resonator (200–2000 W)
  • ROFIN SINAR DC 025 Resonator (250–2500 W)
  • ROFIN SINAR DC 030 Resonator (300–3000 W)
  • ROFIN SINAR DC 035 Resonator (300–3500 W)
  • Ethernet network card
  • Siemens S7 remote diagnosis
  • RS-232 Port
  • Compressed air filters
  • Unloading system for pipes and profiles up to L = 3000 mm (118”)
  • NC controlled tube catchers
  • Pneumatically controlled tube catchers (L = 1m (39.4”))
  • Longer loading and unloading equipment

This type of laser is characterized by the following special features:

  • Very compact and low maintenance design
  • High beam quality, excellent composition
  • No heat exchanger for gas and turbine cooling, the pump starts only once in 72 hours.
  • Low optical losses
  • Low maintenance: no moving parts, copper mirrors without special coating, the diamond window is the only transmissive element
  • No external gas cylinders
  • Extremely low laser gas consumption [0.1 l/hr (0.26 l/h)]. Replace the internal gas cylinder only 1x per year)
  • Very high beam quality and cutting speeds that are well above (by 10-15%) the achievable cutting speeds of a conventional laser
  • The operating and maintenance costs of this system are significantly lower than that of a conventional CO2 laser
  • The entire beam guide path is filled with air barrier for protection against the penetration of dirt particles and impurities. To prevent overheating, the transmissive optics are actively cooled
  • One mirror system for beam guidance and redirection. The laser beam passes through only 2 optics (1 mirror and 1 lens)
  • All systems are delivered with a cutting head and removable 5” and 7.5” lens cassettes that do not require cutting head calibration after replacement
  • Extraction of fumes and vapors that arise during the processing occurs via special suction channels – a vacuum and fi ltration system is included
  • The system is equipped with a fixed bezel for machining long pipes with a maximum diameter of 110 mm (4.3”)
  • Welding applications possible by using a special laser head
  • The basic equipment includes an automatic loading device. Optionally, the system can be upgraded with a discharge and sorting device

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