(CNC) Vertical Drill/Tap Center


Compact high speed drilling and milling center with speeds of 48 m/min (1890”/min) (X/Y-axis) and 60 m/min (2360”/min) (Z-axis)

This machine is a real all-rounder with a compact and solid cast construction design in combination with high acceleration and ease of application.

  • Ideal for drilling, tapping and light to medium milling work
  • High precision is supplemented through the use of roller bearings in the linear guides ensuring smooth running and stability even at high speeds
  • Short tool change time of 1.6 seconds, and high axis accelerations of up to 1.5 G are the basis for efficient volume production
  • The spindle blow out device during tool change contributes significantly to the process safety

Standard configuration

  • Mitsubishi M70 control
  • BT30 spindle, 12,000 rpm
  • Spindle air gun
  • ATC 14 tools
  • Rigid Tapping
  • Chip conveyor
  • Spindle oil cooling
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Three-color warning light
  • Leveling pads
  • Work light

Optional configuration

  • 4th axis
  • Faster spindle motor, 15,000 rpm
  • Tool and workpiece measurement

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Specifications TCR 2500 CNC
20” X-travel
CNC control Mitsubishi M70
Table dimensions (W/L) mm 650×400 (26×16”)
Max. table load kg 300 (660 lbs)
T-slots mm 3x14x125 (0.1×0.5×5”)
Axis travel X mm 510 (20”)
Y mm 406 (16”)
Z mm 330 (13”)
Rapid traverse – X/Y/Z axis m/min 48/48/60 (1890/1890/2360”)
Cutting feed rate m/min 1–12 (39–472”/min)
Speed rpm 12,000
Taper BT 30
Spindle-table distance mm 170–500 (7–20”)
Spindle-column distance mm 460 (18”)
Number of tools # 14 (servo)
Max. tool diameter mm Ø80 (Ø3”)
Max. tool length mm 200 (8”)
Max. tool weight (full) kg 25 (55 lbs)
Max. tool weight (single) kg 3 (7 lbs)
Tool change time (T-T) sec 1.6
Tool change time (C-C) sec 2.5
Main spindle motor kW 2.2/3.7 (3/5 Hp)
Main drive motor X kW 1.5 (2 Hp)
Y kW 1.5 (2 Hp)
Z kW 3 (4 Hp)
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 1600x2150x2320
Weight kg 2600 (5,730 lbs)

*The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice. No liability for printing mistakes. Machine may be shown with optional equipment.

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