F-Grind V

Surface Grinder

F-Grind VSurface Grinder

The Surface Grinder F-Grind V features a grinding spindle which runs in heavy-duty, preloaded angular contact ball bearings and features automatic feed in X/Y/Z. High positioning accuracy of the vertical axis is realised by AC servo motor in conjunction with recirculating ball screw. Programmable feed of the vertical axis (AD5). Rapid traverse to the desired working height. Rough and finish parameters are adjustable. Hydraulic table movement in the longitudinal axis. Double V guides for the cross travel. Table guideways are hardened, ground and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coated for very high wear resistance. Combination of flat and V-guides for the table longitudinal feed. High table load capacity for heavy workpieces.

Available table dimensions for this series range from 31/39″x58/117″. The spindle center to table distance is 31″ on standard machines, but can be increased to 39″. The hydraulic table feed is 117-975″/min. The automatic transverse feed is 0.02-0.8″ with increments of 0.0008″ or 0.2″ per revolution. The spindle speed is 1450 rpms with a 10 Hp motor.

Standard configuration

  • AD 5 NC control
  • High-performance spindle bearing for extremely quiet operation
  • Heavy, stiffened cast frame with superior dampening properties
  • Linear guides and recirculating ball screw in vertical axis
  • High-quality 6-stage hydraulics for table feeds
  • Grinding wheel (standard)
  • Grinding wheel flange (standard)
  • Balance counter stand
  • Balancing stand
  • Front/side dressing device
  • Work light
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Leveling pads and bolts
  • Tool kit
  • Operation manual

Optional configuration

  • Magnetic chuck
  • Coolant system with paper filter and magnetic separator
  • Automatic demagnetizing
  • Grinding wheel (extra)
  • Separate hydraulic unit with oil/air cooling
  • NC-controlled dressing and compensating device

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Specifications F-Grind 80150 V F-Grind 80200 V F-Grind 80300 V
2’ x 4’ 2’ x 6’ 2’ x 9’
F-Grind 100150 V F-Grind 100200 V F-Grind 100300 V
3’ x 4’ 3’ x 6’ 3’ x 9’
Table dimensions (W/L) mm 800×1500 (31×58”) 800×2000 (31×78”) 800×3000 (31×117”)
mm 1000×1500 (39×58”) 1000×2000 (39×78”) 1000×3000 (39×117”)
Distance spindle center-table mm 800 [opt. 1000] (31” [opt. 39”])
Hydraulic table feed m/min 3–25 (117–975”/min)
Automatic transverse feed mm 0.5–20 (0.02–0.8”)
Rapid transverse feed mm/min 900 (35”/min)
Transverse feed increment mm 0.02 (0.0008”)
Transverse feed per revolution mm 5 (0.2”)
Rapid vertical feed mm/min 300 (11.7”)
Vertical feed: 1 scale division mm
Vertical feed: 1 revolution mm (x1) 0.001, (x5) 0.005, (x10) 0.01
Automatic down feed mm 0.001–0.999
Spindle speed rpm 1450
Grinding wheel dimensions mm Ø406x50xØ127 [opt. Ø406x76xØ127)
Main spindle motor kW 7.5 [opt. 11] (10 Hp [opt. 15 Hp])
Hydraulic pump motor kW 5.5 (7.5 Hp) 7.5 (10 Hp)
Cross-feed motor kW 0.15 (0.2 Hp)
Vertical feed motor kW 1, AC Servomotor
Weight kg 12800 (28,160 lbs) 14300 (31,460 lbs) 17300 (38,060 lbs)
kg 13800 (30,360 lbs) 15300 (33,660 lbs) 18300 (40,260 lbs)

*The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice. No liability for printing mistakes. Machine may be shown with optional equipment.

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