RC-Grind 1050

Small ID/OD Cylindrical Grinder

RC-Grind 1050RC-Grind 1050 ID/OD Cylindrical grinder

This Small ID/OD Cylindrical Grinder is perfect for external and internal grinding of cylindrical and tapered surfaces. The hydraulic table feed is infinitely adjustable. Machine table and spindle swivel for tapered grinding and the swivel grinding head has an internal grinding unit. Features a lever actuated tailstock. Cross feed of the grinding wheel is carried out hydraulically or manually. The grinding headstock can be rotated by 180° to change from outside to inside grinding. The hydraulic tailstock is actuated using the foot pedal.

The 3.9″ center hieght is matches with a 4.9″ grinding capcity. with 20.3″ between centers the max grinding length is 19.5″. The longitudinal feed rate is 2-175″/min and the transverse feed increment is 0.0001″. The grinding spindle swivel spped is 2200 rpms from a 3 Hp motor. The internal grinding depth is 2″ with increments of 0.0001″. The headstock features a MK 4 taper with (6)300-1040 rpms and -10°/+90° swivel range.

This Small ID/OD Cylindrical Grinder is perfect for cylindrical grinding, internal grinding, internal grinding with collets, taper chuck grinding, cylindrical chuck grinding, internal taper grinding, taper grinding between centers, and circular grinding of shafts.

Standard configuration

  • 3-jaw chuck
  • Internal grinding unit
  • Balancing stand
  • Dressing device
  • Dead center
  • Diamond dresser
  • Grinding wheel flange (standard)
  • Coolant system
  • Tool kit
  • Operation manual

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Grinding method Cylindricity (mm) Conicity (mm) Ra (um) Engineering specifications: dimensions/material
Cylindrical grinding between centers 0.0015 (0.00006”) 0.003 (0.0001”) ≤0.32 Ø18×150 mm (0.7×5.85”) ST 45
0.005 (0.0002”) Ø35×350 mm (1.3×13.5”) ST 45
Cylindrical grinding with chuck 0.0025 (0.0001”) 0.005 (0.0002”) ≤0.32 Ø40×20 mm (1.6×0.8”) ST 45
Internal grinding with chuck 0.0025 (0.0001”) 0.005 (0.0002”) ≤0.63 Ø15×25 mm (0.6×1”) ST 45

*The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice. No liability for printing mistakes. Machine may be shown with optional equipment.

Specifications R-Grind 1050
3.9” x 19.5”
Center height mm 100 (3.9”)
Grinding capacity mm Ø125 (4.9”)
Max. grinding length mm 500 (19.5”)
Distance between centers mm 520 (20.3”)
Max. workpiece weight kg 35 (77 lbs)
Longitudinal feed rate m/min 0.05–4.5 (2–175”/min)
Table swivel deg ±9°
Grinding wheel dimensions (OD/width/ID) mm Ø300x40xØ127 (12×1.5×5”)
Transverse feed increment mm 0.0025 (0.0001”)
Feed per revolution (transverse feed) mm 0.5 (0.02”)
GRINDING SPINDLE Swivel range deg 180°
Max. transverse travel mm 115 (4.5”)
Spindle speed rpm 2200
Rapid transverse travel (hydraulic) mm 15 (0.6”)
INTERNAL GRINDING HEAD Grinding diameter mm 10–40 (0.4–1.5”)
Grinding depth mm 50 (2”)
Grinding increment mm 0.0025 (0.0001”)
Speed rpm 17,000
Speeds rpm (6) 300–1040
Swivel range deg -10°/+90°
Travel mm 13 (0.5”)
Oil circulation l/min 10 (2.6 gal/min)
Hydraulic system pressure MPa 0.8–1
Coolant circulation l/min 22 (5.8 gal/min)
Main spindle motor kW 2.2 (3 Hp)
Hydraulic pump motor kW 1.5 (2 Hp)
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 2100x1450x1600 (82x57x63”)
Weight kg 1800 (3,960 lbs)

*The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice. No liability for printing mistakes. Machine may be shown with optional equipment.

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