RC-Grind 18100

ID/OD Cylindrical Grinding Machine

RC-Grind 18100

  • Grinding spindle mounted on both sides in adjustable 3-segment bearings
  • The hydrostatic bearing of the main spindle produces a film of oil between the bearing and the spindle. This eliminates vibration and provides high precision and surface quality, also increasing the service life of the spindle.
  • Precisely aligned spindle head and a sturdy table for best results in different applications
  • Machine table swivels in 2 directions
  • Table movement is carried out manually by hand wheel or automatically via the hydraulic feeder in the longitudinal direction
  • Table feed rate is infinitely adjustable
  • A delay can be adjusted into the end of the table movement
  • Accuracy according by ISO for cylindrical grinding machines
  • With internal grinding unit
  • Rapid traverse can be hydraulically or manually actuated

Standard configuration

  • 3-jaw chuck
  • Internal grinding unit
  • Open steady rest
  • Closed steady rest
  • Coolant system
  • Dressing device
  • Balancing stand
  • Balancing arbor
  • Grinding wheel flange (standard)
  • Grinding wheel (standard)
  • Diamond dresser
  • Backsplash guard
  • Dead center
  • Tool kit
  • Operation manual

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SpecificationsRC-Grind 18100SpecificationsRC-Grind 18100
7” x 39”7” x 39”
Center heightmm180 (7”)Max. transverse travelmm245 (9.5”)
Grinding capacitymmØ320 (12.5”)Table movementm/s35
Grinding capacity (with rest)mmØ60 (2.3”)Spindle speedrpm1,670
Min. grinding diametermmØ8 (0.3”)Rapid transverse travelmm50 (2”)
Max. grinding lengthmm1000 (39”)HEADSTOCK
Max. workpiece weightkg150 (330 lbs)TaperMT 4
Grinding wheel dimensions (OD/width/ID)mmØ400x50xØ203 (15.5x2x7.9”)Speedrpm25–220
Longitudinal table travelmm1000 (39”)3-jaw chuck diametermmØ200 (7.8”)
Table swiveldeg+3°–7°Swivel rangedeg±30°
Table feedm/min0.1–4 (4–156”/min)TAILSTOCK
Longitudinal feed incrementmm0.5 (0.02”)TaperMT 4
Feed per revolution (Longitudinal feed)mm2 (0.08”)Travelmm30 (1.1”)
Transverse feed incrementmm0.0025 (0.0001”)ACCURACY
Feed per revolution (Transverse feed)mm/rev0.01 (0.004”/rev)Radial runout deviationmm0.003 (0.0012”)
INTERNAL GRINDING ATTACHMENTAxial runout deviationmm0.006 (0.00023”)
Internal grinding diameterwith restmmØ35–100 (1.4–3.9”)RoughnessumRA ≤0.32
without restmmØ30–100 (1.1–3.9”)Main spindle motorkW5.5 (7.5 Hp)
Max. internal grinding depthmm125 (4.9”)Headstock motorkW0.75 (1 Hp)
Grinding spindle sizemaxmm50x25x13 (2x1x0.5”)Hydraulic pump motorkW0.75 (1 Hp)
minmm17x20x6 (0.6×0.8×0.2”)Total powerkW7.5 (10 Hp)
Spindle speedrpm10,000Dimensions (L/W/H)mm3605x1810x1515 (140x70x59”)
GRINDING SPINDLEWeightkg3700 (8,140 lbs)
Max. swivel angledeg±90°

*The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice. No liability for printing mistakes. Machine may be shown with optional equipment.

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