HBW 130 • 130A • 130A/2 Horizontal Bore Mill

Horizontal Boring Mill

HBW 130 • 130A • 130A/2

  • Solid construction with hardened and ground guideways for longlasting precision results
  • Mechanical interlocking of functions for safety
  • Slip clutches protect the headstock and the feed gear from damage caused by overload
  • Standard tapping unit
  • Individual selection of spindle speed and facing head always allows suitable speeds, even for difficult applications
  • High flexibility due to full table rotation through 360°
  • Effective protection of the bed guideways through telescopic steel covers

3-axis digital readout (DRO) is included

Standard configuration

  • 3-axis digital readout
  • Combi tool arbor
  • Boring bar BT 50 Ø50/75 mm (1.97/2.95”)
  • Adjustable stops
  • Leveling pads and bolts
  • Telescopic covers
  • Operation manual

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SpecificationsHBW 130HBW 130AHBW 130A/2
Spindle diametermmØ130 (5.1”)Ø130 (5.1”)Ø130 (5.1”)
Table dimensions (W/L)mm1600×1400 (63×55”)1600×1400 (63×55”)1600×1800 (63×70.5”)
Max. table loadkg8000 (17,600 lbs)
Max. force acting on spindleN31360 (7,050 lbf)
Axis travelXmm1600 (63”)2000 (78”)2000 (78”)
Ymm1500 (59”)1800 (35.4”)2000 (71”)
Distance spindle center-tablemm 0-1500 (0-59″) 0-1500  (0-59″)0–1800 (0–70.8”)
Vertical head travelmm 1500 (59″) 1500 (59″)1800 (70.8”)
Feeds: quill, drilling head and table with the spindle runningRange Imm/rev(18) 0.04–6 [8–400 rpm] (0.001–0.24”/rev)
Range IImm/rev(18) 0.01–1.53 [500–1000 rpm] (0.0004–0.06”/rev)
Feeds: facing head, drilling head and table/faceplate rotationRange Imm/rev(18) 0.08–12 (0.003–0.47”/rev)
Tailstock quill travelmm900 (35.4”)
Facing head travelmm250 (9.8”)
Table rapid feedm/min2.5 (98”/min)
Spindle taperISO/SK50 (DIN 69871)
Speedsrpm(24) 4–800
Face plate speedrpm(18) 2.5–125
Max. spindle torqueNm3136 (2,300 ftlb)
Max. facing head torqueNm4900 (3,600 ftlb)
Rotary table rotation speedrpm1.2
Boring accuracyH7 Ra–1.6
Main drive motorkW15 (20 Hp)
Dimensions (L/W/H)mm 6995x3730x3535 mm
 6995x4030x3835 mm
Weightkg 25,500 (56,100 lbs.) 28,500 (62,700 lbs.)29300 (64,500 lbs)

*The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice. No liability for printing mistakes. Machine may be shown with optional equipment.

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