D-Turn Face 1500 • 2000 • 2500

Manual Heavy-Duty Facing Lathe

D-Turn Face 1500 • 2000 • 2500

KAAST offers the D-Turn Manual Heavy-Duty Facing Lathe series for turning and cutting large work pieces. The base features one piece casting with a reinforced inner structure, an extra 3rd support to process large work pieces with enhanced heavy-duty cutting ability, and the base gap has a special reinforced structure for cutting stability. The 152 mm bore, 16-step spindle is fitted with an adjustable, electromagnetic brake for easy braking adjustment according to different work piece materials and speed. Each gear and shaft are made of super alloy material with FAG bearings for durable cutting and low noise. The apron feeding device included on the D-Turn Face series offers swift transmission, positive and negative rotation movement, safety device with sealed oil bath lubrication and cross rapid feeding. FC-30 steel is used for main structures like base, spindle, saddle and tailstock, which are annealed without deformation and the saddle is made with an anti-friction surface that is regularly oiled to prevent damage.

This machine is suitable for turning and cutting of large work pieces for heavy industries like oil pipe network, aerospace and heavy-duty shaft processing. 20HP motor, 2 stage safety start-up device and overloading safety system.FC-30 steel is used for main structures like base, spindle, saddle and tailstock, which are annealed without deformation. Base, spindle, saddle, surface of traveling plate, tool base sliding table and tail stock are high frequency treated and precision ground for extended service life.

Standard configuration

  • Lubricating device for headstock
  • Spindle motor: 30HP
  • Electromagnetic spindle brake
  • Metric/Inch gearbox
  • Longitudinal & cross rapid feed
  • Automatic lubrication
  • XZ-axes with Turcite-B
  • Faceplate with 4 jaws
  • Dead center (2 pcs)
  • Center sleeve
  • Leveling pads
  • Tool kit
  • Operation manual

Optional configuration

  • Tailstock
  • Face plate with 4-jaw 70”
  • Coolant system
  • Spindle bore, 230 mm (9”)
  • Spindle nose: A2-15
  • Spindle nose: A2-20

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Specifications D-Turn Face 1500 D-Turn Face 2000 D-Turn Face 2500
60” swing, 40” length 80” swing, 40” length 100” swing, 40” length
CAPACITY Swing over bed mm 1500 (59”) 2000 (79”) 2500 (98”)
Swing over carriage mm 1100 (43”) 1600 (63”) 2100 (83”)
Distance between centers mm 1000 (39”)
BED Swing over gap mm 1900 (75”) 2400 (94”) 2900 (114”)
Bed width mm 2010 (79”)
Bed length mm 1150 (45”) 1650 (65”) 2150 (85”)
Bed way 3 ways
HEADSTOCK Spindle bore diameter mm 152 [opt. 230] (6” [opt. 9”])
Number of spindle speeds 16 steps
Speeds rpm 4–420
Chuck mount A2-11 [opt. A2-15, A2-20]
Compound travel mm 370 (14.5”)
Max. cutting size mm 40×40 (1.5×1.5”)
THREADS Lead screw diameter and pitch mm Dia: 60, Pitch: 12 / Dia: 1” X 2T.P.I.
Threading: Metric mm 1–120 (62)
Threading: Inches inch 0.25–30 T.P.I (70)
Threading: Diametral 1–120 DP (70)
Threading: Module 0.25–30 MP (53)
FEEDS Feed rod diameter mm 32 (1.25”)
Range of longitudinal feeds mm/rev 0.06–7.04 (0.0024”–0.28” in/rev)
Range of cross feeds mm/rev 0.03–3.52 (0.0012”–0.14” in/rev)
MOTOR Main spindle motor kW 22.5 (30 Hp)

*The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice. No liability for printing mistakes. Machine may be shown with optional equipment.

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