HRL 42 • 60

(Manual) Turret Lathe

HRL 42 • 60

    The HRL Turret Lathes are perfectly suited for production. All feeds and travels are manually driven by hand-wheels and the feed length is adjusted by means of exchangeable micrometer stops. The spindle speed is shown on a digital display with two speed ranges with infinite variable adjustment. The pneumatic-driven clamping release of the work piece in the collet chuck ensures speed and accuracy.

Standard configuration

  • Cutoff carriage
  • 4-post toolholder
  • 1-post back toolholder
  • 6-position turret
  • Coolant system
  • Bar feeder
  • Collet chuck
  • Operation manual

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SpecificationsНRL 42НRL 60
1.6” round2.3” round
Max. workpiece cross-sectionRoundmmØ42 (1.6”)Ø60 (2.3”)
Hexagonalmm36 (1.4”)52 (2”)
Rectangularmm29 (1.1”)42 (1.7”)
Collet chuckmmØ30/Ø42 (1.1/1.6”)Ø60 (2.3”)
Turret tool slot ØØ25 (1”)
Feed travelsLongitudinal slidemm75 (3”)
Transverse slidemm155 (6.1”)
Turret carriagemm142 (5.6”)
Cutoff carriagemm35 (1.4”)
Main drive motorkW4(5.5 Hp)
Spindle speedsrpm150–1500
Pneumatic system pressurebar5–8 (70–115 psi)
Air flow ratel0.15 per clamping (0.04 gal)
Coolant supply pumpkW0.1 (0.15 Hp)
Lubrication motorkW0.1 (0.15 Hp)
Dimensions (L/W/H)mm1600x800x1600 (62x31x62”)
Weightkg900 (1,980 lbs)

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