VF-Mill 1155P • 1580P • 1890P

Heavy Box-Way Vertical Machining Center

VF-Mill 1155P • 1580P • 1890PHeavy Box-Way Vertical Machining Center

This Heavy Box-Way Vertical Machining Center features a heavy cast iron stress-relieved frame with class C3 ballscrews ensure the highest accuracy and durability and four box ways on the bed!

The way a machine is built affects the way it performs. With premium quality components, high accuracy, and attractive price points, the VF-Mill series is setting the standards for how to build vertical machining centers. With machines installed in more than 20 countries, the VF-Mill series has become the go-to machining center for the KAAST family of corporations.

The VF Series machines offer options for customers to prioritize performance, rigidity, and/or speed; with machines that excel at each of these priorities, offering users the ability to receive only what they need for their individual applications. The best known of the VF-Series is the Alpha Center. This 3-Axis (4/5th axis available as an option) machining center features a tempered stress relieved cast-iron frame and class C3 ballscrews for accuracy and durability. All models of the Alpha Center include a fully enclosed splash guard, 24 pocket tool changer, CAT 40 spindle, and an automatic lubrication system, as well as many other features.

Running the newest generation of the Fanuc Series 0i control systems, the VF-Series machines can receive programming at the machine via manual programming, USB, or CF Card, or ethernet. The Series 0i brings faster, more accurate performance to a wide range of milling applications with more standard features, more advanced capabilities and faster communications than ever before.

When looking for a new machining center be sure to request a free quote from your KAAST Sales Technician to learn more about the VF-Series Mills. Or, come see the Alpha and the Mini in person at the KAAST Machine Tools showroom, just down the road from the Philadelphia International Airport.

Standard configuration

  • Fanuc 0i-MF CNC Control
  • Full enclosed splash guard
  • 24 station arm-type tool changer
  • Air conditioning for electrical cabinet
  • Rigid tapping
  • Ethernet and CF Card interface
  • Automatic lubrication system
  • Coolant system
  • Oil separator
  • LED work lamp
  • End of program light
  • Electronic Hand wheel (MPG)
  • Coolant gun
  • Air gun
  • Tool box
  • Leveling bolts and blocks
  • Operation manuals

Optional configuration

  • Siemens or Heidenhain control
  • Spindle oil cooler
  • Workpiece Measurement
  • Tool Measurement
  • Coolant Through Spindle
  • Screw type chip conveyor
  • 4th axis

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Specifications VF-Mill 1155P VF-Mill 1580P VF-Mill 1890P
43”x23″ 59″x31″ 71”x35″
TRAVELS Axis travel: X/Y/Z mm 1100/600/560 (43.3/23.6/22”) 1500/800/700 (59/31.5/27.5”) 1800/900/700 (70.8/35.4/27.5”)
Spindle-table distance mm 150–670 (5.9–26.3”) 170–870 (6.7–34.2”) 180–880 (7–34.6”)
Spindle-column distance mm 600 (23.6″) 800 (31.5″) 1025 (40.3″)
TABLE Table dimensions (W/L) mm 1200×550 (47.2×21.6”) 1700×800 (67×31.5”) 1900×900 (74.8×35.4”)
T-slots: Size/Qty/Dist. mm 18x5x100 (0.7x5x3.9”) 18x7x120 (0.7x7x3.9”) 18x7x120 (0.7x7x4.7”)
Max. table load kg 800 (1750 lbs) 2000 (4400 lbs) 3000 (6600 lbs)
SPINDLE Speeds rpm 6,000
Spindle taper BT50/CAT50
FEED RATE Rapid feed rate: X/Y/Z m/min 20 (787”/min) 15 (590”/min) 15 (590”/min)
Cutting feed rate mm/min 1–12,000 (0.04–472”/min)
ATC Number of tools # 24 station arm-type
CONTROL & MOTOR CNC controller Fanuc 0i-MF
Main spindle motor kW 11/15 (30 Hp) 11/15 (30 Hp) 22/26 (35 Hp)
Accuracy Positioning mm +/- 0.005/300 (+/- 0.0002″/12″)
Repeatability mm +/- 0.005 (+/- 0.0002″)
DIMENSIONS Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 2970x2265x3100
Weight kg 7000 (15,400 lbs) 13500 (29,700 lbs) 17500 (38,500 lbs)

*The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice. No liability for printing mistakes. Machine may be shown with optional equipment.

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