F-Grind V

Surface Grinding Machine

F-Grind V

  • The grinding spindle runs in heavy-duty, preloaded angular contact ball bearings
  • Automatic feed in X/Y/Z
  • High positioning accuracy of the vertical axis by AC servo motor in conjunction with recirculating ball screw
  • Programmable feed of the vertical axis (AD5)
  • Rapid traverse to the desired working height
  • Rough and finish parameters are adjustable
  • Hydraulic table movement in the longitudinal axis
  • Double V guides for the cross travel
  • Table guideways are hardened, ground and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coated for very high wear resistance
  • Combination of flat and V-guides for the table longitudinal feed
  • High table load capacity for heavy workpieces

Standard configuration

  • AD 5 NC control
  • High-performance spindle bearing for extremely quiet operation
  • Heavy, stiffened cast frame with superior dampening properties
  • Linear guides and recirculating ball screw in vertical axis
  • High-quality 6-stage hydraulics for table feeds
  • Grinding wheel (standard)
  • Grinding wheel flange (standard)
  • Balance counter stand
  • Balancing stand
  • Front/side dressing device
  • Work light
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Leveling pads and bolts
  • Tool kit
  • Operation manual

Optional configuration

  • Magnetic chuck
  • Coolant system with paper filter and magnetic separator
  • Automatic demagnetizing
  • Grinding wheel (extra)
  • Separate hydraulic unit with oil/air cooling
  • NC-controlled dressing and compensating device

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SpecificationsF-Grind 80150 VF-Grind 80200 VF-Grind 80300 V
2’ x 4’2’ x 6’2’ x 9’
F-Grind 100150 VF-Grind 100200 VF-Grind 100300 V
3’ x 4’3’ x 6’3’ x 9’
Table dimensions (W/L)mm800×1500 (31×58”)800×2000 (31×78”)800×3000 (31×117”)
mm1000×1500 (39×58”)1000×2000 (39×78”)1000×3000 (39×117”)
Distance spindle center-tablemm800 [opt. 1000] (31” [opt. 39”])
Hydraulic table feedm/min3–25 (117–975”/min)
Automatic transverse feedmm0.5–20 (0.02–0.8”)
Rapid transverse feedmm/min900 (35”/min)
Transverse feed incrementmm0.02 (0.0008”)
Transverse feed per revolutionmm5 (0.2”)
Rapid vertical feedmm/min300 (11.7”)
Vertical feed: 1 scale divisionmm
Vertical feed: 1 revolutionmm(x1) 0.001, (x5) 0.005, (x10) 0.01
Automatic down feedmm0.001–0.999
Spindle speedrpm1450
Grinding wheel dimensionsmmØ406x50xØ127 [opt. Ø406x76xØ127)
Main spindle motorkW7.5 [opt. 11] (10 Hp [opt. 15 Hp])
Hydraulic pump motorkW5.5 (7.5 Hp)7.5 (10 Hp)
Cross-feed motorkW0.15 (0.2 Hp)
Vertical feed motorkW1, AC Servomotor
Weightkg12800 (28,160 lbs)14300 (31,460 lbs)17300 (38,060 lbs)
kg13800 (30,360 lbs)15300 (33,660 lbs)18300 (40,260 lbs)

*The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice. No liability for printing mistakes. Machine may be shown with optional equipment.

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