F-Grind CNC

CNC Surface Grinder Machine

F-Grind CNC 2050 • 3060

The strong extended main structure of this CNC surface grinder is analyzed by the FEA. A fully-supported rail design ensures the precision and stability of the machine. The spindle runs in a class P4 high precision angular contact bearing, assuring a run-out accuracy of less than 2 μm. The cartridge-type spindle is completely sealed and lubricated for long working lifetime, providing high accuracy grinding and a long service life. A 3-axis Siemens 828D CNC is standard with AC servomotors and ballscrews on all 3 axes. Fanuc or Fagor are also available.




Standard configuration

  • Grinding wheel
  • Wheel flange
  • Flange extractor
  • Wheel Balancing arbor
  • Wheel Balancing stand
  • Wheel Diamond dresser
  • LED Work light
  • Tool kit
  • Spindle motor inverter
  • Semi-enclosed splash shield

Optional configuration

  • Electro-magnetic chuck
  • Coolant system with paper filter and magnetic separator
  • Automatic demagnetizing
  • Extra grinding wheel
  • NC-controlled dressing and compensating device
  • Auto balancing

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Technical Specifications F-Grind 2050 CNC F-Grind 3060 CNC
Travel Table 250×500 mm (9.8×19″) 300×600 mm (11.8×23.6″)
Max grinding surface 250×500 mm (9.8×19″) 300×600 mm (11.8×23.6″)
Max spindle center-table 550 mm (21.65″) 600 mm (23.6″)
Feeding Table speed 1-15 m/min (39-590″/min)
Rapid crossfeed 1100 mm/min (39″/min)
Rapid up/down 550 mm/min (21.65″/min)
Min. feed setting 0.001 mm (0.00003″)
Motor Spindle 2.18 kW (3 Hp) 5.47 kW (7.5 Hp)
Vertical & cross feed Independent 800W AV servo
X axis 1 kW AC servo motor
Wheel Speed 3500 rpms @60 Hz
2900 rpms @50 Hz
1750 rpms @60 Hz
1450 rpms @50 Hz
Dimensions 180x13x31.75 mm (7×0.5×1.25″) 355x50x127 mm (14x2x5″)
Controller Grinding modes Surface, Criss-cross, Plunge, Pitch
Controller Siemens 828D
Weight 2500 kg (5500 lbs) 3000 kg (6600 lbs)
Dimensions 2800x2500x2300 mm (111x99x90″) 2950 x 2600 x 2400 mm (116 x 102 x 94″)

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