CNC Horizontal Boring Mill

HBW-M 110 CNCHBW-M 110 CNC horizontal boring mill


Moving column of the CNC Horizontal Boring Mill

The moving column design, together with spindle extension (W-axis), reduces the possibility of interference between the machine and the workpiece.

Oversized column

The robust column with extensive internal ribbing ensures minimum deformation when performing heavy cutting.

Box ways on Y-axis

Y-axis is designed with box ways to enhance the stability when performing heavy cutting.

X, Z-axis linear ways, Y-axis box ways

The combination of linear ways and box ways enhances efficiency and cutting stability simultaneously.

Two axes transmission through gear reducers

Gear reducers are equipped on X and Z axes to increase torque output, and therefore extra powerful feed transmission on each axis can be obtained.

Large diameter ball screws

Three axes feeds are transmitted through large diameter ball screws in combination with motor speed reduction ratio of 1:2, providing powerful transmission effect.

The X/Y/Z/W axis travel are 79″/71″/67″20″ respectively. The table is 55×63″ and the spindle center to table distance is 0-71″. The max table load is 18,740 pounds and the minimum B-axis index is 0.001 degrees.

Standard configuration

  • Rigid tapping
  • RS-232 Port
  • Work light
  • Three-color warning light
  • Air cooler for electric cabinet
  • Chip conveyor
  • Spindle oil cooling
  • Spindle air blast device
  • Electrical handwheel (MPG)
  • Operation manual

Optional configuration

  • Glass linear scales
  • Automatic tool measurment
  • Automatic workpiece measurement
  • Oil mist collector
  • Chain type chip conveyor
  • ATC 60 tools

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Specifications HBW-M 110 CNC
79” x 71”
TRAVEL Axis travel X mm 2000 (79”)
Y mm 1800 (71”)
Z mm 1700 (67”)
W mm 500 (20”)
TABLE Table size mm 1400×1600 (55×63”)
Spindle center-table distance mm 0–1800 (0–71”)
Spindle nose-table center mm 550–2250 (W: 50–550) (22–89”, 2–22”)
Max. table load kg 8500 (18,740 lbs)
Min. B-axis index deg 0.001
SPINDLE Spindle diameter W mm Ø110 (4.3”)
Speeds rpm 5–2500
Spindle taper ISO 50
Spindle front bearing mm 160 (6.3”)
Max. spindle torque Nm 1720 @ 100 rpm
FEED RATE Rapid feed rate X/Y/Z m/min 12 (472”/min)
W m/min 5 (196”/min)
MOTOR Spindle motor kW 15 (20 Hp)
Axis servo motor X kW 6 (8 Hp)
Y kW 6 (8 Hp)
Z kW 6 (8 Hp)
W kW 4 (5 Hp)
B kW 7 (9 Hp)
ATC Tool storage capacity # 40 [opt. 60]
Tool type BT50/CAT50
Tool selection mode Bi-directional
Tool change time (T-T) sec 15
Max. tool Ø (no adjacent) mm Ø125 [opt. Ø245] (4.9” [opt. 9.6”])
Max. tool length mm 400 (16”)
Max. tool weight kg 25 (55 lbs)
OTHER Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 6220x5100x4120 (245x201x162”)
Weight kg 30000 (66,140 lbs)
CNC control FANUC 0i-MF

*The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice. No liability for printing mistakes. Machine may be shown with optional equipment.

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