CNC Heavy Boring Mill

HBW 110 CNCCNC Heavy Boring Machine

This CNC Heavy Boring Mill from KAAST is ideal for the machining of large and heavy work pieces. Its optimum cutting performance through variable speed control of main spindle and facing slide. The KAAST HBW 110 CNC is robust and highly accurate, even for high work piece loads and dimensions, thanks to a wide machine bed with 4 stable hardened and precision-ground square guides. The cylindrical roller bearings for centering table offer exceptional accuracy and the drill spindle operates at up to 1500 rpm without compromising precision. Users have the option of either Siemens or FANUC controls for the 3-axes and telescopic steel covers offer effective protection for the bed rails.

With a 4.3″ diameter spindle paired with a 15 Hp motor provides speeds of 12-1100 rpms. The facing head speed is 4-130 rpms. The BT 50 spindle taper offers a 2″ drilling capacity. The table of this CNC Heavy Boring Mill can handle up to 11,000 lbs across its 52×40″ surface. The X and Y travels ares 51″ and 47″, respectively.

Standard configuration

  • Siemens 828D CNC control
  • Recirculating ball screws
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Electrical handwheel (MPG)
  • RS-232 Port
  • PC transfer software
  • Operation manual

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Specifications HBW 110 CNC
4.3” spindle, 4’ X-travel
CNC control Siemens 802D/Fanuc
Spindle diameter mm Ø110 (4.3”)
Quill travel mm 600 (23.6”)
Drilling capacity mm Ø50 (2”)
Spindle taper BT 50
Table dimensions (W/L) mm 1200×1000 (47×39”)
Max. table load kg 7000 (15,400 lbs)
Spindle-table distance mm 5–905 (0.2–35.5”)
Axis travel X mm 1600 (63”)
Z mm 1000 (39”)
Vertical travel (Y) mm 1500 (21.6”)
Facing head diameter mm 450 (17.7”)
Facing head travel mm 160 (6.3”)
Max. working diameter of facing head mm Ø720 (28.3”)
Table swivel (B) deg 360°
Speeds rpm 12–1500
Facing head speed rpm 4–130
Max. spindle torque Nm 1250 (920 ftlb)
Max. facing head torque Nm 1100 (810 ftlb)
Max. feed force kN 13 (2,920 lbf)
Spindle feed mm/min 0.5–1000 (0.02–39”/min)
Axis feed mm/min 2000 (78”)
Rapid feed mm/min 6000 (236”)
Cross slide feed mm/min 1370 (54”)
Positioning accuracy: X/Y/Z mm 0.015 (0.0006”)
Repeatability: X/Y/Z mm 0.013 (0.0005”)
Swiveling accuracy of table ±8”
Swiveling repeatability of table ±6”
Main drive motor kW 22 (30 Hp)
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 5347x3020x2890 (211x119x114”)
Weight kg 13000 (28,600 lbs)

*The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice. No liability for printing mistakes. Machine may be shown with optional equipment.

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