Mechanical Presses

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KSP 15 Mechanical Press
KSP 30 Mechanical Press
KSP 80 Mechanical Press
MPH 300 Mechanical Press
MPH 630 Mechanical Press

Mechanical Presses

Our eccentric mechanical presses known as the MPH and KSP feature a rigid stress-relieved body and precision machined guide ways and is perfect for progressive die applications and transfer die applications. They also include a helical, high quality gear system and Sfero casting of parts.

A pneumatic clutch brake combination and hydraulic overload safety system is used to increase safety and decrease part defects. The overload has a response time of less than 0.01 seconds to help protect the press and die from overload conditions. Two encoders provide real-time monitoring of crank angle and the motorized ram height adjustment.

The heavy-duty double gear system utilizes hardened helical gears in an oil bath with the flywheel mounted using cylindrical bearings.

The motorized ram adjustment is controlled by PLC with programs of die height stored in the PLC to facilitate quick changeover.

Both PILZ and Siemens PLCs with touchscreen control are utilized for increased production, automation and safety.

Parameters displayed or controlled on the touchscreen include:

  • Ram stroke indication
  • Fault report
  • Memory storage for 300 parts
  • Counter
  • Parameter recording
  • Speed control
  • Cam system with encoder

Automatic central lubrication is controlled via special sensors

A real-time tonnage monitoring system measures and displays tonnage for all four posts. This data is shown in real time and limits can be set to activate operator alarms accordingly or shut-down the press in the event of an unexpected value. Additionally, the data can also be exported afterwards and viewed on a cellphone with Bluetooth connection.

KSP • 65 to 275 tons
MPH • 275 tons and up

KSP Mechanical Presses Standard Configuration

  • Foot pedal
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Operation manual

MPH Mechanical Presses Standard Configuration

  • Rigid body and ram
  • 8 guide ram
  • Siemens PLC control and touchscreen
  • Helical, high quality gear system
  • Photo-cell safety guard
  • Central lubrication
  • Hydraulic overload safety system
  • Siemens regenerative inverter
  • Pneumatic clutch brake
  • Slide adjustment with encoder
Machine Mechanical Presses Specs Availability
KSP 80 88 Ton, Hydraulic Overload, Automatic Lubrication Immediately

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