Hydraulic Presses

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Hydraulic Presses

We have an extensive list of Hydraulic Press, including HPA, HPH, HPC, HPC-M, and HPH-M. From Workshop straightening press, molding press, to 4 Column hydraulic press machines.

HPA • Workshop Straightening Press

The H-Frames of the HPA hydraulic workshop presses are welded and come with adjustable height table. These presses are simple to operate with their joystick controls. Two V-blocks are included with each machine to assist with straightening and or positioning material. With working space of 30-62", the HPA workshop presses can be sized to fit the space requirements of most shop floors. The manometer allows the operator to monitor the pressure on an easy to read analog dial.

HPH • Hydraulic Molding Press

The HPH H-frame hydraulic presses are built in our Italian factory. They are ideal for molding and prototyping.

Design, engineer, and build functional prototype parts and low-to-medium volume production parts up to 70% faster than industry standards. With both semi and fully automatic operating choices, these H-frame hydraulic presses operate at speeds of up to 3”/second for high-speed production.

The optional hydraulic cushions provide flexible, controlled blank holder pressure (BHP) which can help to avoid part failure due to wrinkling or fracturing and greatly eases part removal by pushing the material up and away from the die. Tool life is also extended by the cushion, by reducing the touching speed of the tool to the workpiece and reducing the impact load. At the end of forming, increasing the BHP with the hydraulic cushion reduces spring back by allowing for increasing tensile stresses in the walls of the drawn part.
Hydraulic Presses optional cushions

HPC • Hydraulic C-frame Press

These C-frame hydraulic presses for sale are perfect for compression molding, punching, and bending, etc. Simple manual and automatic knob and lever operation.
Hydraulic Presses C-frame

HPC-M • Hydraulic Presses for Fast Press Works

The HPC-M hydraulic press is designed for fast press works, with high approach, working, and return speeds of up to 120 mm/s (4.7”/s). The 4 guides for the slide provide maximum stability and control and the T-slots in the tables allow for quick die changes. The Rexroth hydraulic unit ensures this press runs smoother and quicker than the competitors.
Hydraulic Presses for fast press works

HPH-M • 4 Column Hydraulic Press

The HPH-M are stable 4 column hydraulic presses with rigid welded steel construction. The table and four-way guided ram plate features T-slots and mounting holes for fastening and adjusting the tools and work pieces. The infinite pressure regulation is matched with the fast stroke adjustment, realized by a limit switch. Also available on the hydraulic press machines are a piece counter for automated production.
HPH-M 4 Column hydraulic presses

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Standard Configuration

  • Pressure gauge
  • Double pushbuttons control with synchronism
  • Adjustable table height
  • Ram and table top with T-slots
  • Stroke adjustment by limit switch
  • Piece counter
  • Simple push button operation

Optional Configuration

  • Movable cylinder
  • Partial guarding
  • NC control
  • Two-hand operation
  • Foot pedal
  • Siemens NC control
  • Safety photocells
  • Cushion
  • Parts counter
  • Oil/air cooling
  • High-speed operation
  • Pressure transducer
  • Proportional valves
  • Separate control of speed

Hydraulic Presses In Stock

Machine Specs Availability
HPA 30/1 30 Ton, 30″ Immediately
HPA 60/1 65 Ton, 41″ Immediately
HPA 80/1 85 Ton, 41″ Immediately
HPA 100/1 110 Ton, 42″ Immediately
HPA 150/1 165 Ton, 42″ Immediately
HPA 150/2 165 Ton, 62″ Immediately

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