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HPB 61400 CNC Press Brake
HPB 31135 CNC Press Brake
HPB 1040 CNC Press Brake
HPA-P 150/40 Manual Press Brake
Sophisticated high-speed press brakes with touchscreen graphical controls.

The HPB Hydraulic Press Brake is the perfect CNC solution for complicated, sensitive, single, or multiple bendings at high speed. This machine is among the highest rated CNC press brakes for helping to increase productivity and lower costs by utilizing a user-friendly computer numerical controller and hydraulic maintenance. It allows you to have more production capacity and eliminates wasted time during production.

Combination of speed and power

  • High quality and repetitive bending is obtained by the press brake through using synchronized cylinders and valves
  • Automatic utilization of all axes on startup
  • These machines are designed using SOLID WORKS 3D programming and made with enhanced ST44-1 quality steel using the latest technology
  • Rigid upper beam runs on 8-point bearings with bending precision of 0.01 mm (0.0004”)
  • Well-known top and bottom tool brands are long lasting and hardened to provide precise bending
  • Quiet high-pressure pump
  • Specially designed and produced backgauges help with multi-functional and sensitive bending in complex parts.
  • CNC controlled servo drive high precision ball screws.
  • Precise results for long and deep bends
  • Flexibility with crowning system
  • Long lasting rigid body is also suitable for heavy duty applications
  • Easy maintenance

General features

  • Chrome coated cylinders are machined with 0.001 mm (0.00004”) precision and pistons are specially hardened.
  • Clamps are user friendly and machined with high precision.
  • Front support arms slide along machine length and are easy to adjust.
  • Compact and well-known brand HOERBIEGER hydraulics are produced according to CE standards.
  • Two photocells are on the sides for rear guard.
  • Fast tool tightening.
  • Optic linear scales are sensitive up to ± 0.01 mm (0.0004”).
  • Quick release clamping system. Promecam type top clamps can be easily loaded & unloaded.
  • Synchronized working cylinders will give you the best bending result.
  • 2 axis ultra strong backgauge system (X=800 mm (31”) and R), with ± 0.01 mm (0.0004”) repeatability, moves along rails and ball screw, bending length controlled by CNC controller, foldable backgauge fingers for reverse bending applications.
  • Multi-functional and highly programmable 2D CYBELEC DNC 600 CNC controller.
  • SIEMENS electrical system.
  • Automatic axis referencing when machine is turned on.
  • Side guard is standard, meeting CE regulations.

Standard Configuration

  • Front support arms adjustable for height & spacing
  • Top and bottom tools are surface hardened
  • Promecam quick clamping system
  • CYBELEC DNC 600S controller with PC1200 2D software
  • CNC controlled 800mm (31”) back gauge
  • 410 mm (16”) throat depth
  • 2-piece back gauge fingers
  • Scales in metric and inches
  • Foot pedal is suitable for single and multiple bendings
  • 2 photocells are placed facing each other for rear and side guards
  • Covers for cylinders and top beam

Optional Configuration

  • Special stroke and throat depth
  • Special back gauge fingers
  • Motorized crowning system
  • Hydraulic oil heating and cooling
  • Custom made table width and bottom tool V openings
  • Optional top and bottom tools in different length
  • Special tools for box and pole bending
  • Laser front support options
  • WILA top clamping and bottom tool holders
  • Rol 1 and Rol 5 quick promecam release
  • U type special bottom tools for bending thick materials
  • Additional front support arms
  • AP3/AP4 front sheet support arms
Bend Length:
HPB 37220240 Ton x 12′, Delem 58T, R-AxisImmediately
Hybrid/Servo CNC Press Brakes
The HPB-E Servo/Electric CNC Press Brakes and the HPB-H Hybrid CNC Press Brakes offer fabricators and production floors huge energy consumption savings as compared to their hydraulic cousins.
The HPB-E and HPB-H offer quick setups and consistent bend angles, especially for air forming, the bending method preferred for these machines. With the precise linear bearings and the sliding front support arms which move right and left on the rail, the sheet can easily be controlled by the operator from the front. Also, the length of the parts can be measured by means of the ruler mounted on the front support arms. The sheet can be fixed from the front side with the aid of the flip stop which is mounted inside the T slot.Pully System for HPB-EThe machines begin with a steel body mono bloc welded of ST44 material, which is rigid against bending and high tension. These brakes come standard with 6 axes (Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2) with a CNC controlled backgauge system with 4 axes (X, R, Z1, Z2). Top and bottom tools are hardened and ground (835 mm length) and offer an easy clamping top tool holder system. The DELEM 66T CNC controller is run on a 3D color graphics display and offers offline software as well as programming at the machine. The electric panel and its cooling system are designed and manufactured by SIEMENS electrical and automation products in compliance with the CE regulations.

The HPB-E and HPB-H feature the new generation DA-Touch controls offering an even higher grade of Closed-Loop HOERBIGER Hydraulic Systemefficiency in programming, operation and control of today’s press brakes. Ease of use combined with state-of-the-art technology go hand in hand, improving productivity. The touch screen gives access to the proven Delem user-interface and enables direct navigation between programming and production. Functions are directly located where you need them, offering optimized ergonomics throughout the application. The DA-66T offers 2D programming that includes automatic bend sequence calculation and collision detection. Full 3D machine set-up with multiple tool stations giving true feedback on the product feasibility and handling. Highly effective control algorithms optimize the machine cycle and minimize set-up time. This makes press brakes easier, more efficient, and more versatile than ever.
AC Servo Motor for HPB-E
In the HPB-E servo/electric brakes, the CNC controlled 4 axes (X, R, Z1, Z2) backgauge system is run exclusively by AC servo motor. Crowning is no longer necessary due to the consistent pressure across the beam. There is no throat in this machine. Full length bendings are done between the feet. The beam downward movement is performed with the aid of belts, and its return is performed with the springs, producing only 63 dB of sound level and making these the quietest among the sheet metal bending machines.

In the HPB-H hybrid brakes, the CNC controlled 4 axes (X, R, Z1, Z2) backgauge system is run by AC servo motor paired with a highly-efficient, minimum maintenance, closed-loop HOERBIGER hydraulic system. This combines the accuracy of an electric press brake with the power of a hydraulic system. The included CNC controlled motorized crowning system saves time and material.

Standard Configuration

  • 6 axes (Y1, Y2, X, R, Z1, Z2)
  • CNC controlled backgauge system with 4 axes (X, R, Z1, Z2)
  • CNC controlled motorized crowning system
  • Top and bottom tools hardened and ground (835 mm length)
  • Easy clamping top tool holder system
  • Control units; ER TOUCH EDUTION, DELEM 66T, ER99
  • 3D colour graphics display and offline software
  • Backlight protection
  • Switch side protection covers
  • Y1+Y2 axis synchronization with a tolerance of 0.01 provided by linear scales
  • CE compliant foot pedal
  • Leuze front light protection system

Optional Configuration

  • Control units; ER TOUCH EDUTION, Delem 69T
  • 5, 6 axes backgauge options
  • AKAS LASER finger protection system
  • Laser angle measurement system
  • Hydraulic and hydro-dynamic crowning systems
  • Pneumatic top tool holder system
  • Hydraulic top and bottom tool holder systems
  • CNC controlled automatic bend sheet support arms (AP3+AP4 axes)
  • Automatic sliders lubricating system
  • Special throat depths
  • Special top and bottom tools
  • Cybelec Offline etc. software options
  • Tool storage cabinet
  • Led bar
Bend Length:
HPB 37220240 Ton X 12′, Delem 58T, R-AxisImmediately

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Economical press brakes for simple bends

Small but powerful single axis press brake

Looking for a hydraulic workshop press brake with up to 200t of pressure and a footprint of only 7 x 4’? Look no further than the HPA-P line up of manual press brakes now offered by KAAST Machine Tools. They introduced the HPA-P series to market at the Fabtech tradeshow in Atlanta in early November of 2018. As the only small hydraulic press brake at the show, the HPA-P caught the eye of operators and engineers alike. Since their debut, these small but powerful brakes have garnered a great deal of admiration from job shops, prototyping facilities, and production facilities.

These high-quality European built machines are a cost-effective solution for small bending jobs and prototyping. The HPA-P hydraulic workshop press brakes offer 100 and 200 tons or working pressure providing steady smooth operation with manual and two-handed working controls at a much lower price point than their CNC cousins. The one-step pressure adjustment and one-step stroke adjustment simplify what can be a daunting task.

The limit switches keep cycle times to a minimum while the choice of 40”, 60”, 80”, or 100” of working area, and an adjustable table height offering up to 16” of daylight, make for easy manipulation of the workpieces. The guide columns on either side of the center hydraulic center help to ensure steady and even pressure across the table.

The HPA-P comes with a top press brake die and holders and a standard multi-V bottom die, both of which can be replaced with any standard or custom press brake tooling. Options include segmented tooling, backgauge, bottom table with special T-slots, working with a foot pedal, and a high-speed working system.

Standard Configuration

  • Top gooseneck press brake die and holders
  • Bottom die with 5 V
  • Adjustment system for taking down or up the table
  • Infinite pressure adjustment
  • Infinite stroke adjustment
  • Adequate work space for large sheet metal
  • Manual and two hand working control

Optional Configuration

  • Optional pan brake die
  • Bottom die with different angles
  • Bottom table special T-slots
  • Working with foot pedal
  • Special order of high speed working system
HPA-P 100/40100 Ton X 40″; 5-V DieSoon
HPA-P 100/60100 Ton X 60″; 5-V DieSoon
HPA-P 150/60150 Ton X 60″; 5-V DieSoon
HPA-P 150/40150 Ton X 40″; 5-V DieSoon

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