Plasma Plate & Pipe Cutter

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Plasmasonic 3020

CNC Plasma Plate & Pipe-Cutting System

Cut, write, mark and perforate – all with one machine. The plasma

This CNC plasma table is available with a semi-automatic control system for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting. The Plasmasonic and its CNC system are optimally matched for production of various parts. Our cnc plasma table design and structure allow for its operation under heavy conditions (2 or 3 shift operation).

Productive and reliable

The Plasmasonic series meets the highest standards of productivity, reliability and automation. Includes advanced CNC control with automatic parameter database and gas control. Combines plasma, oxy-fuel, and pipe cutting in the same machine. 5-axis head for weld preparation.

  • The system design ensures smooth operation, even under tough conditions.
  • The cutting head holder is magnetic, which allows rapid changes and avoids damage to the cutting head in the case of collision.
  • Multiple plasma and oxy-acetylene cutting heads are optional. The controller allows the use of up to 4 cutting head-carriers (plasma and oxy-acetylene cutting heads with independent height adjustment), in any combination.
  • Dual AC servo motors precisely drive the bridge from both sides, which means no lag error
  • User-friendly control panel allows not only the motors but also the source of power, suction and filtration systems to be monitored centrally
  • Plasma cutting machines, which are equipped with our precision fine beam plasma generators are able to combine the highest cutting quality with low consumable cost. The fine-beam generators PP (Precision Plasma) ensure very fast piercing and high cutting speeds, with an unusually clean and almost perfectly square cutting edge
  • Our plasma cutting machines are equipped with an automatic CNC-controlled gas mixing console, marking, cutting table equipped with sectional suction, suction unit and particulate filter system
  • The flat bed machines can be combined with a pipe cutting device
  • Optional bevel cutting unit for 5 axis operation to produce quick and accurate welding bevels

Standard Configuration

  • Solid, welded, high quality steel frame
  • Automatic gas and air pressure adjustment for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting is done in a control unit
  • Hand operating unit (allows parameter changes while cutting)
  • Automatic height control
  • Double filter unit VLP
  • Automatic workpiece marking
  • Ergonomic control panel
  • Robust, stand-alone table with sectional fume extraction
  • Import CNC files in DIN/ISO G, DXF and ESSI formats
  • Design and edit parts with integrated CAD/CAM program
  • Automatic nesting software
  • Retrace-retry function (Reset the cutting head after a break)
  • Function for automatic process shutdown in case of electrode and nozzle break
  • Automatic look-ahead and feed regulation for tight radii
  • Operation manual

Optional Configuration

  • Automatic pipe/profile cutter
  • Automatic bevel cutting (Bevel Cut)
  • Additional plasma cutting heads
  • Additional oxy-fuel cutting heads
  • Additional bridge unit
Machine Specs Availability
Plasmasonic 6030 10’x20′ 10’x20′, 5-Axis, Oxy, CNC Pipe Cutting Soon

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