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New Products At KAAST:

Cold Saw

V-Mill X

5-Axes VMC

Cone Roller

Band Saw

Mandrel Bender

Rotary Draw Bender

There are new products at KAAST! KAAST offers seven categories of machines, each with manual and CNC options, as well as multiple lines within each of those designations. there are few machine types that are not available from this blockbuster machine tool brand. The number of machines unanavailable has decreased a bit more with the addition of six new machines. See the new machines at IMTS and Fabtech 2024.


The DC X is a semi-automatic, double-gear, wet-type circular cut-off saw designed for industrial use. Its robust cast iron base and high-quality components ensure durability and reliability. The swiveling head allows for 90° or 45° cuts with ease. Powered by a 2.5-3 Hp motor and double gear transmission, it delivers exceptional cutting performance and efficiency. The wet cutting system reduces heat, extending blade life, and the hydro-pneumatic head actuation with a pneumatic split vice ensures secure cutting. User-friendly controls and adjustable blade speeds accommodate various materials, while safety features like blade guards and emergency stops protect operators.


The next new products at KAAST are the V-Mill X, an advanced machining center for precision, efficiency, and high-speed 3D cutting. Its robust one-piece rib column structure and four linear guide way blocks ensure stability and accuracy. Twin doors maximize loading/unloading efficiency, while a 160° swivel control panel enhances operator convenience. Equipped with direct-drive AC servo motors, it offers powerful thrust and rapid acceleration, delivering exceptional surface finishes. Features include a BBT40 taper, Heidenhain TNC 640 touch screen, and a high-performance B/C rotary table. The eco-friendly Japan LHL lubrication system reduces oil consumption by 90%. Meeting NASA979 standards, it achieves true roundness within 0.01 mm.


The RBD-4C Hydraulic 4 Roll Conical Bending Machine excels at precisely bending cones from light plates as the next new products at KAAST. Hydraulic pistons drive the pinch and lateral rolls, ensuring smooth operation and overload protection. A gear system and single planetary gearbox with a hydromotor power the machine, which features polished rolls and 5 Digital Readouts (DROs) for precise roll positioning. The hydraulic drop end facilitates easy ferrule removal. With a welded steel frame, SAE hot rolled, induction hardened rolls, and manual central lubrication, it ensures durability. Designed for tight radii down to 105 mm, it operates at 5m/min via a 5.5 kW motor, controlled by push-button and a mobile control panel.

HBS A S New product at KAAST

The new KAAST HBS A S saws features a robust linear-way dual-column design with a servo-drive feed system for fast, precise cutting. It offers infinitely variable band speed and cutting force for optimal results. Fully automatic with a servo feeding system, it boosts production efficiency. Its solid cast monoblock construction and linear ways minimize vibration for accurate cuts and extended blade life. Equipped with carbide blade guides and rollers, it ensures durability. Standard features include hydro-mechanical blade tension, automatic band breakage detection, and an Omron NC control with a user-friendly touchscreen for programming up to 50 steps in 30 different programs.


The next new product at KAAST is the MBH NC Mandrel Pipe Bender. This hydraulic mandrel pipe bender offers precise, efficient pipe and tube bending with durable construction and an advanced hydraulic system. Its user-friendly NC control ensures accurate angles and repeatability for complex geometries. The mandrel bending capability minimizes deformation, ensuring high-quality results across various pipe sizes and materials. Easy programming and adjustment of parameters, along with safety features like emergency stop buttons and safety guards, ensure operator security. The high-performance motor and hydraulic system deliver reliable, consistent performance in demanding industrial environments, making the MBH NC an ideal solution for precise fabrication needs.


Another new product at KAAST is the RBH NC Rotary Draw Pipe and Tube Bender. A robust, versatile solution designed to enhance pipe bending capabilities. Its advanced NC Control Screen simplifies operations and stores up to 500 programs, improving workflow efficiency. The holder attachment ensures stability and precision, while customizable tools adapt to various projects. Built with a durable steel welded frame, it withstands heavy-duty use. The infinite speed adjustment system allows precise control, achieving bends with a minimum radius of three times the tube diameter. Elevate productivity and achieve flawless results with the RBH NC.

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