Manual Engine Lathes

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C-Turn 315/1500
C-Turn 420/1600 V
C-Turn 530
C-Turn 635
C-Turn 750

Manual Engine Lathes

Conventional manual engine lathes built with precision.

The C-Turn 220 - 750 is our conventional engine lathes, in a manual configuration. It is our aim to offer the best and most precise lathes possible for our customers. In order to fulfill this promise, we ourselves have set the very highest demands and apply strict quality control during the entire manufacturing process. Before delivery, each machine is subjected to intensive inspections and tests with regard to accuracy, performance, and reliability.

The C-Turn series Manual Engine Lathes feature hardened, precision-ground guideways, exceptionally low noise, and a universal gearbox. Thes allows for cutting metric, Whitworth, module, and diametral threads down to the most precise measurements with no need to change gears. The feed handwheel can be ordered left or right based on the needs of the operator and rapid traverse, standard on 385 & 420 models, can be added as an option to smaller sizes.

The C-Turn series is also available with stepless spindle speed and Constant Surface Speed (CSS) feature up to 3,100 rpm. Offering an optimal structure design, the entire structure of the C-Turn series conventional engine lathe is carefully designed for maximum stability when performing heavy precision cutting. The massive bed is a box type construction combined with extra wide bed ways, providing increased rigidity and stability. The bed and stand are manufactured from high quality cast iron and annealed to relieve internal residual stress. The bed ways are high-frequency heat treated and precision ground which can avoid vibration and tool chattering during performing heavy-duty machining.

Standard Configuration

  • 3-axis digital readout
  • 4-post toolholder
  • 3-jaw chuck
  • Work light
  • Coolant system
  • Backsplash guard
  • Chuck guard
  • Footbrake
  • Tool kit
  • Operation manual

Optional Configuration

  • Larger bore
  • Spindle motor with extra power
  • 3-jaw chuck (various sizes)
  • 4-jaw chuck (various sizes)
  • Faceplate (various sizes)
  • Follow or steady rest
  • Taper attachment
  • Quick-change toolholder
  • 5-position travel stop
  • Micrometer stop
  • Rapid traverse
  • Infinitely variable speed control and constant cutting speed



C-Turn 220/75017" x 30″, 3–Axis DRO, 8″ 3-Jaw Chuck, Gap bedImmediately
C-Turn 230/100018″ x 40″, 3–Axis DRO, 10" 3-Jaw Chuck, Gap bedSoon
C-Turn 270/100021″ x 40″, 3–Axis DRO, 10" 3-Jaw Chuck, Gap bedSoon
C-Turn 270/200021” x 80”; 3–Axis DRO; Rapid Z Axis; Steady Rest; Follow Rest; Micrometer Stop;
Taper Attachment; Quick Change Tool Post; 20" 4-Jaw Chuck
C-Turn 315/100025” x 39”, 3–Axis DRO, 4″ bore, 15 Hp Main Spindle Motor,
12″ 3–Jaw Chuck, 2-Axis Rapid Travel, Steady-Rest, Follow-Rest
C-Turn 315/200025″ x 78″, 3–Axis DRO, 4″ bore, 15 Hp Main Spindle Motor,
12″ 3–Jaw Chuck, 2-Axis Rapid Travel, Steady-Rest, Follow-Rest

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