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New Machine Tools Are Arriving!

With a showroom ready to be filled in our new Chicago warehouse, we are expecting another 7 containers of machine tools arriving before the end of the month! With all of these new machines, we are making it easy to spend the rest of your capital equipment budget before year’s end.

Ironworkers and Plate Rollering Machine Tools Arriving!

Arriving the first week of October are plate rolls and ironworkers. If you have been waiting for one of our largest ironworkers, the PS 115 DP, the wait is over! It has the ability to punch a 1″ hole in up to 1.25″ thick mild steel. As well as, a shearing station that can handle 2″ solid square bar or 1×15″ plate. It also has notching for up to 0.5″ thick (4×2.3″) material, this 125 ton multitasker is a must for any shop doing heavy fabrication work. Also in this container is an RBD-3M 10/4 plate roller. It can roll 0.25″ material 36″ wide into a cylinder with a diameter of under 8″!

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F-Grind 2550 AH Machine tools arriving


Next up to arrive will be a delivery of surface grinders, with both an F-Grind 60100A and an F-Grind 4080AH surface grinder arriving. They Feature a grinding spindle running in preloaded precision angular contact ball bearings. The F-Grind series of surface grinding machines feature a heavy, stiffened cast frame. It has superior dampening properties ensuring smooth surface finishes.

The automatic transverse and longitudinal feeds are matched with the high positioning accuracy of the vertical axis by an AC servo-motor and recirculating ball screw. The table guideways are hardened, ground, and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coated for very high wear resistance. Also, the table features a high load capacity for heavy work pieces. With adjustable roughing and finishing parameters, delivery of the vertical axis manually via handwheel, and rapid traverse to the desired working height, the F-Grind series is the ideal surface grinder for a variety of applications. These surface grinders are fully loaded with coolant systems featuring magnetic separation, electromagnetic chucks, over the wheel parallel dressers, and NC control systems with auto downfeed.

Manual Lathes

A new delivery of engine lathes should also be arriving this month, with a monster C-Turn 385/3100 (30×122″) featuring a gap bed (increasing the swing from 30 to 38″ over the gap) and more than 10 feet between centers. The 4″ bore leads to the A2-11 chuck mount holding the included 3-jaw chuck. With 15hp speeds of up to 1293 rpms can be achieved for quick material removal. Also expected is a C-Turn 220/500 (18×22″) which combines a 2″ bore with an MT#4 spindle offering up to 2500 rpms with its 5hp motor. The C-Turn series geared head Manual Engine Lathes feature hardened, precision-ground guideways, exceptionally low noise, and a universal gearbox. These allow for cutting metric, Whitworth, module, and diametral threads down to the most precise measurements.

The entire structure of the C-Turn series conventional engine lathe is carefully designed for maximum stability when performing heavy precision cutting. The massive bed is a box type construction combined with extra wide bed ways, providing increased rigidity and stability. The bed and stand are manufactured from high quality cast iron and annealed to relieve internal residual stress. These bed ways are high-frequency heat treated and precision ground which can avoid vibration and tool chattering during performing heavy-duty machining.

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Following the lathes will be a delivery of our workhorse bandsaws, the HBS series. With 8 new machines to add to our current stock of 20, nearly every size, feed, and miter capability will be available for quick delivery. Need to cut 22” round bar stock down into fifty 3” long pieces? No problem! Take a look at our fully automatic HBS A 560 C. Need the same capacity, but not making multiple cuts of the same length? Don’t worry, the semi-automatic version will be arriving too.

Knee and Bed Mills

Before the end of October, we are also expecting to replenish our in stock knee and bed mills. Available in both manual and CNC, these drilling and milling machines are perfect for single and small series production featuring a chrome plated quill and high precision spindle hardened and ground with 3 sets of P4 bearings. With infinitely variable speed control, the DMV series offers quiet operation with V-belt drive, swivel range left / right ± 45 °, and rotation of the upper arm around the column 360°. Bed sizes range from 9×49” to 15×50” with each machine arriving featuring a different combination of upgrades and options.

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Radial Drills

Radial drills should be the last to arrive this month. With multiple sizes arriving, the RD series of Radial Drilling Machines feature radial drill arms which include an IC Timer with the advantage of one bottom press. It can automatically release up and down, as well as stop and automatically clamp for easy operation. The spindle can still maintain its original set after the tools change. The oil pump lubricates and cools precision gears to minimize excessive wear. The machines in this series offer a friction type disc clutch to absorb impact force caused by vertical movement of the spindle. It effectively protects all transmission units inside the gear box. With the function of quick spindle return, this clutch also helps to speed up tapping operations. A special arm elevating safety device is provided with each machine. This prevents the arm from dropping abruptly even after years of usage. The gear box combines precision high-speed gears, mechanical shift simple manipulation, and horsepower sufficiency. While it being a high-efficiency low-noise model.

November also promises to be a busy month with containers arriving fully of machines weekly. Bookmark our Inventory page to keep an eye on what is available!