Just got a new engine lathe?

need to use it?

Lathe Quick Start Guide: Applicable to all our our C-Turn Engine Lathes, this quick start will help you to get up and turning quickly!

Lathe Quick Start 230

The C-Turn series manual turning lathes for sale feature hardened, precision-ground guideways, exceptionally low noise, and a universal gearbox. This allows for cutting metric, Whitworth, module, and diametral threads down to the most precise measurements with no need to replace gears. The feed handwheel can be ordered left or right based on the needs of the operator and rapid traverse, standard on 385 & 420 models, can be added as an option to smaller sizes of our new engine lathes.

Engine lathe Quick Start

engine lathe Quick Start control


2. Anchor and level machine

3. Confirm Power requirements (230V or 480V?)

4. Connect to power (See sticker on cabinet door)direction of spindle lathe quick start

5. Turn on Power Switch

6. Confirm electrical phases are correct by pressing “Jog” button


Spindle should run counter-clockwise

7. Check

a. Lubrication points

b. Oil levels in sight glass

c. Handles and levers are in correct positions

d. Work piece securely clamped

e. Spindle rotation direction, feed, and speed

8. Warm up spindle by gradually increasing speed

9. Check V-Belt tension


Confirm handles are properly seated in selected positions.

Chuck guard must be closed for spindle to turn.

To download a PDF of the Engine Lathe Quick Start, click here.