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C Series Laser Cutting Machine
P Series Laser Cutting Machine
P Series Laser Cutting Machine
P Series Laser Cutting Machine - Open
S Series Laser Cutting Machine
S Series Laser Cutting Machine
S Series Laser Cutting Machine
S Series Laser Cutting Machine

KAAST is proud to offer the Bodor Fiber Laser cutting systems. Bodor is the number 1 sales volume provider of laser cutting machines worldwide. Their industrial fiber laser production meets the European standards and international quality control, with certificates such as CE/FDA/ISO9001/SGS etc.

The fiber laser cutting systems, known as the C/T, P/T, and Dream Series, are built for speed and precision when cutting metal sheet, pipe and tubes. They feature an complete enclosure of the cutting envelope, which isolates laser radiation and pollution offering higher safety levels than the competition. Smoke and dust produced during cutting is automatically collected to ensure a clean operating area. These fiber lasers for sale also feature an intelligent anti-collision system. This 360° radar system can detect any obstacles in advance and Z axis high-speed motion will be activated to immediately avoid obstacles, avoiding collisions. This function reduces the damage rate of the laser head, and also reduces maintenance cost and prolongs the service life of the machine. By avoiding production halt caused by collisions, continuous production is ensured.

Laser Scanning Cutting Now Available!

Increasing max cutting thickness, cutting speed, and/or cutting of reflective materials, requires the addition of Scanning Cutting to your Bodor laser system. This new category of metal laser cutting allows the beam to cover 30 meters for every one meter cut by moving in a spiral pattern. This increases the exposure of the beam, increasing speed and power. The risk of damage to the laser head from beam reflection is also eliminated due to the speed at which the laser head moves in the spiral pattern, effectively keeping the delicate lenses out of the line of fire from reflections.

Bodor Laser Scanning Cutting

Double Fast Exchange Tables

The available double fast exchange tables on these large laser cutting machines will greatly improve efficiency for your machine shop. The chain-drive system pairs rigidity with high accuracy, saving feeding time. Molded and framed by integral steel mold and die-casting technology, the light crossbeam on the fiber laser enables equipment a high operational speed, improving processing efficiency and processing quality.

Automatic Laser Nozzle Changer

The automatic nozzle changer on the P and S Series laser cutting machines remove and install nozzles on the fiber laser head according to material and thickness. The high-precision drive system provides reliable consumable replacement for precision and stability during laser cutting. The newest automated functions achieve fully automatic laser head calibration as well as nozzle cleaning. Thus reducing risk of operator errors during these tasks.

Auto Focus Laser Head

The Auto Focus Head on the CNC laser is applicable to multiple focal lengths and automatically adjusts focal position according to sheet thickness. Focal length can also be controlled by the operating system. The auto focus laser head can automatically read system parameters when changing between different materials. Perforation focal length and cutting focal length can be set respectively to enhance the accuracy. Built-in double water-cooling structure ensures constant temperature of collimating and focusing components, prevents lenses from overheating, and prolongs service life of the lenses.

Cast Iron Bed

The cast iron bed of the P and Dream Series uses flake graphite with a tensile strength of 200MPa and provides strong shock absorption and wear resistance. High carbon content is paired with high compressive strength and high hardness. Low thermal and bed gap sensitivity helps the bed to keep precision and stability long-term.

Wireless Remote Control

The wireless remote control offers mobile phone sized one-handed operation. Magnetic in design, the controller can be attached on to the machine enclosure when not needed. The controller features a touch screen with double HD cameras, allowing machine functions to be monitored. We are the first to use UI design which allows the display to respond to the processing table, making processing more intuitive on the fiber laser machine.

R&D Operating System

The independent R&D operating system on the metal laser cutters perfectly combines high efficiency and simplicity. The operating system can realize intelligent layout of graphics cutting and support the import of multiple graphics, optimizing cutting order automatically, searching edges smartly, and automatically positioning. This control system adopts the best logic programming and software interaction and effectively utilizes sheet metal, reducing waste.

In stock in Philadelphia:

T230A with 3kW Fiber Tube Cutting

P 3015 with 12kW Fiber

C4 with 12kW Fiber with Scanning Cutting

C3 with 3kW Fiber

Cut up to 2" stainless

Cut 1/2" stainless at 20'/min with only Air!

5'x10' shuttle tables, 460'/min and 2.5G

Standard Configuration

  • Fully enclosed cutting envelope
  • 21.5″ touchscreen control
  • Wireless remote control
  • Active anti-collision system with 360° radar
  • Precision auto-focus cutting head
  • Water chiller
  • Dust removal fan
  • Max/IPG source up to 40 kW

Optional Configuration

  • Integrated compressed air system
  • Security light curtains
  • Air conditioning for electrical cabinets
  • Double pneumatic clamping table
  • iLoader
  • iLift
  • iTrans
  • iTransTower
  • Tube cutting
  • Anti-scratch automatic loading device
  • Power up to 50kW


C Laser • Economical fiber laser cutting system

The C Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine features a mortise and tenon type welded segmented bed with a stretched aluminum gantry for stability. An enhanced dust removal system and intelligent alarm are also included.

P Laser • Hi-performance fiber laser cutting machine

The P Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machine comes standard with the automatic nozzle changer (optional on other models). A hydraulic exchange platform ensures smooth movement during loading and unloading and the cast aluminum crossbeam offers increased stability and accuracy.

Dream Laser • Maximum performance fiber laser cutting machine

The Dream Series includes a high-speed cutting expert database. Intelligent remnant sheet management, automatic edge-finding, nozzle changing, and nozzle cleaning are also included standard. The real-time monitoring of the laser head temperature paired with nozzle cooling helps to protect your investment from damage caused by overheating. The gas saving steady flow nozzle ensures constant cutting gas pressure and the enhanced dust removal ensures operator safety. Mineral machine bed, carbon fiber crossbeam, maglev linear motor drive for maximum speed.

T Laser • Bodor tube laser cutting machine

The T Series Fiber Laser Tube Cutting Machine cuts tubes and pipes up to 9” or 14” in diameter to be cut cleanly, accurately, and quickly. With tube length options of 21 or 30 feet, the controllable jaw positioning securely clamps and moves material though the cutting envelope using support rollers with automatic diameter adjustment. Nest Tube nesting software is also included for maximum efficiency and minimal scrap. This CNC Tube Fiber Laser also comes standard with edge-seeking, center finding, automatic tube inspection further reducing scrap caused by misalignment.

Machine Specs Availability
T230A + 3kW Tube Cutting System 9"x21’, 3kW Fiber Tube Laser, 3940"/min Auto Loading Now!
C4 + 12kW Cutting System 6x12’, 12kW Fiber Laser, 360’/min 1.5G Acceleration Now!
P3 + 12kW Cutting System 5x10’, 12kW Fiber Laser, 460’/min 2.5G Acceleration Now!

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