KAAST Presented a Wide Line-Up of Fabrication Equipment at Fabtech 2023

KAAST Machine Tools, Inc. showcased 10 different fabrication and forming machines at Fabtech 2023 in Chicago. Visitors to Booth A5167 saw the following machines: PS 65 DP 70-ton Ironworker, HPA-P 150/40 150t Simple Press Brake, RBD-3M 15/7 Plate Roller, HBS 230 DG 9” Dual Mitering Semi-Automatic Band Saw, HBS 360 DGH Semi-Automatic Dual Mitering 14” Band Saw, HPA 80/1 80t Straightening Press, HPB 1040 40t CNC Press Brake, TW-Mill 5 Universal Milling Machine, PBH 65 NC Angle Roller and PBM 30 Angle Roller. These impressive machines were also live demoed.

  • Fabtech 2023 KAAST Booth
  • Fabtech 2023 KAAST Booth
  • Fabtech 2023 KAAST Booth machine tools arriving
  • Fabtech 2023 KAAST Booth
  • Fabtech 2023 KAAST Booth
  • Fabtech 2023 KAAST Booth
Ironworker PS-65 Dual Punch

Ironworker PS-65 Dual Punch 70 Ton Capacity


The PS 65 DP Ironworker is a versatile machine with 70 tons of pressure and 5 work-stations for punching, shearing, and notching. It features two hydraulic pistons controlled by independent foot pedals, allowing two operators to work simultaneously. The stroke of the pistons can be adjusted based on material thickness. An automatic back gauge and adjustable rear stop are included.

Plate Roll

The RBD-3M 15/7 is a medium-duty three-roll plate roll that handles materials up to 0.25″ thick and 56″ wide. It offers overload protection, hydraulic movement of top and side rolls, and a sturdy welded steel frame. The HPA-P press brakes have steel welded H-Frames with adjustable table heights. They are easy to operate with two hand control and come with a top punch and a 5V die for airbending. The HPA-P presses can be sized to fit most shop floor demands and are in stock and ready to ship.

Semi-Automatic Dual Mitering Bandsaws

The HBS 230 DG and 360 DGH semi-automatic dual mitering bandsaws provide 9″ or 14″ capacity, a coolant system, quick-action vice, and variable blade speed and down feed control. Blade changes are simplified with the hydro-mechanical blade tensioning system, and the HBS 360 DGH has a digital readout for angle precision. The PBM 30 features foot-pedal control of the chain-driven bottom dies. The upper die is manually adjustable to determine rolling diameter. It is suitable for bending square, flat, and angle iron and can accommodate custom dies for unique profiles. Perfect for smaller job shops and prototyping, it offers vertical and horizontal operation capabilities.

Straightening Press

The H-Frames of the HPA 80/1 80t Straightening Press is steel welded and come with adjustable table heights. These presses are simple to operate with their joystick control. Two V-blocks are included with each machine to assist with straightening and or positioning material. The HPA presses can be sized to fit the space requirements of most shop floors. The manometer allows the operator to monitor the pressure on an easy-to-read analog dial. The HPB 1040 40t CNC Press Brake is the perfect CNC solution for complicated, sensitive, single, or multiple bendings at high speed. This machine is among the highest rated CNC press brakes for helping to increase productivity and lower costs by utilizing a user-friendly computer numerical controller and hydraulic maintenance. It allows you to have more production capacity and eliminates wasted time during production.

Universal Milling Machine

Our TW-Mill 5 Universal Milling Machine features heavily ribbed gray cast iron for the column construction, these mills offer maximum static and dynamic stiffness for maximum accuracy. The two large worktables, one column one vertical, each include multiple T-slots allowing for a myriad of work piece positioning options and all of the slideways are hardened and precision ground. All axes are equipped with automatic feeds and rapid feeds. The handle located on right side of head stock controls the quill along 100 mm of travel. The X and Y-axes are dovetail ways and the Z-axis is a box way. The X- and Y-axes feature precision ball screws with Z-axis ball screw type available as an option. The operating control panel is a swivel arm type, for maximum access during operation. The outer arbor supports horizontal milling. These mills automatically feed on X-, Y- and Z-axes with an inverter drive.

PBH 65 Machine ToolAngle Roller

The PBH 65 NC Angle Roller offers a triangular die arrangement with the top die fixed and the two lower dies hydraulically adjustable. Pushbutton control with digital readout is standard. All three dies are driven. NC EasyView semi-automatic control makes automation easy! All movements, processes and commands of the operator during the bending process can be recorded in the teach-in mode and then recalled and played back automatically at any time. To achieve the required bending results, all stored data can be edited. Memory for 48 bending programs with 1000 steps each.

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KAAST Machine Tools, Inc. is proud to offer one of the most diverse and extensive line-ups of machine tools in the industry. From mills and lathes to grinders and saws, and from brakes and rolls to presses and ironworkers, KAAST makes it easy to find the right machine for your application. We stand behind our machines with quick shipping of spare parts and excellent after-sales service. Need in-person training or installation? No problem! KAAST Machine Tools, Your Production Partner.

Fabtech 2023 Special Events

These machines were demoed live in person at the show!

V-Turn CNC 550

PS 65 DP
70 ton Ironworker

HPA-P 100/60

HPA-P 100/40
100 Ton, 40″
5-V Die


DMVH 305 VS Knee Mill
9″X49″ Table

VF-Mill A 11L

RBD-3M 15/7
5’x0.25″ Plate Roller

HBS A 230

HBS 230 DG
9″ Capacity Semi-Automatic
Dual Mitering, Scissor Type

VF-MIll D Mini

Dual Mitering 14″ Bandsaw


2.5″ Angle
Hydraulic, NC