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Ironworker PS-115 Dual Punch
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Ironworker PS-85 Dual Punch

The ironworker stands out as the epitome of versatility in any fabrication or welding workshop. Despite its modest footprint, this compact ironworker hydraulic machine enables a diverse array of tasks, empowering fabricators to be well-equipped for a wide range of projects. Manufactured in Turkey, all KAAST's Hydraulic Ironworkers for sale are meticulously designed to ensure stability and reliability, fostering high production efficiency, and optimizing structural design. These ironworker machines find application in sheet metal, plate and steel profile blanking, bending, flanging, fine blanking, and cold extrusion of metal parts.


KAAST's PS model is a multi-purpose iron worker machine equipped with five workstations catering to punching, shearing, steelworking, and notching needs. The PS DP hydraulic Ironworker model, distinguished by its dual-cylinders configuration, thus allowing facilitates simultaneous parallel work on both the punch as well as a second workstation.

The models feature an electric trigger switch that measures up to 1000 mm (39.4”) for quick workflow of repetitive shearing work (65 ton and up). Each work station offers jog-mode for precise tool and work piece positioning. Additionally, these ironworkers are available with CNC-controlled material feed stock for punching, with a choice of 6 m (20') or 4 m (12') material table and a pneumatic holding device.

Hydraulic Ironworker Stations

Punching - This ironworker punch station has a sturdy table for high-quality cutting results when punching sheet metal or flat and angled steel. It is equipped with a stepless stroke adjustment and an adapter for punches and dies. Punches and dies are easily changed. It's suitable for tasks such as creating openings for fasteners or other components.

Flat Shear – Made with a lower blade with 4 cutting edges and an upper blade with 2 cutting edges. The long blades help you do your daily sheet metal cutting work very fast. The table has both an angle and length stop to ensure accuracy.

Angle Shear – Here you can cut several types of 45˚-90˚ angle profiles efficiently. It also comes equipped with an adjustable rear stop. It allows for clean and precise cuts in various angles, contributing to the versatility of the ironworker.

Steelworker – This iron worker station allows for the cutting of round and square steel. It has the ability to cut up to 1000mm (39.4”) and the back gauge is available from 65 ton and up. This is essential for tasks that involve working with cylindrical metal pieces.

Notching – The machine comes with a rectangular notching tool which you can use for your notching work. This is often used in metal fabrication to prepare materials for welding. The table works with stops to help increase functionality.

Standard Configuration

  • Punching Station
  • Flat shear
  • Angle shear
  • Steelworker
  • Notching station

Optional Configuration

  • Motorized back gauge for automatic operation
  • Station for cutting of the U, T and I-profiles
  • The dimensions of the station must be agreed in advance
  • Punches and dies
  • Station for punching of channel
  • V-blade for notching

Bending station

  • V-punch and die
Machine Specs for Ironworkers Availability
PS 45 50 Ton Auto Cut-Off Backguage Immediately
PS 65 DP 70 Ton Auto Cut-Off Backguage Dual-Operator Immediately
PS 85 DP 90 Ton Auto Cut-Off Backguage Dual-Operator Immediately
PS 115 DP 130 Ton Auto Cut-Off Backguage Dual-Operator Immediately

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