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All of our Hydraulic Ironworkers are built in Turkey.This multi-purpose machine, the hydraulic ironworker features 5 work stations for punching, shearing and notching. Our PS DP hydraulic Ironworker model features dual-cylinders, thus allowing parallel work on the punch as well as a second workstation at the same time.

The included electric trigger switch measures up to 1000 mm (39.4”) for quick workflow of repetitive shearing work (65 ton and up). Each work station offers jog-mode for precise tool and work piece positioning. These ironworkers are also available with CNC-controlled material feed stock for punch, with 6 m (20’) or 4 m (12’) material table and a pneumatic holding device.

Standard Configuration

Punching Station

  • Punching of sheet metal, flat and angle steel
  • Sturdy table for high-quality cutting results
  • Stepless stroke adjustment
  • Adapter for punches and dies

Flat shear

  • Lower blade with 4 cutting edges
  • Upper blade with 2 cutting edges
  • Table with angle and length stop

Angle shear

  • Cutting angle profiles at different angles
  • Adjustable rear stop


  • Cutting round and square steel
  • 1000 mm (39.4”) back gauge (65 ton and up)

Notching station

  • Table with stops

Optional Configuration

  • Motorized back gauge for automatic operation
  • Station for cutting of the U, T and I-profiles
  • The dimensions of the station must be agreed in advance
  • Punches and dies
  • Station for punching of channel
  • V-blade for notching

Bending station

  • V-punch and die
PS 65 DP70 ton Auto cut-off backguage Dual-actingImmediately
PS 85 DP90 ton Auto cut-off backguage Dual-actingImmediately


Angle Shearing

Angle Shear

The angle shearing station can cuts angle profiles and different angles and offers an adjustable rear stop.


Bar Shearing

Bar Shear

The bar shearing station fits both square and round bar and features a 1000 mm back gauge.


Notching Station

Notching Station

The notching station includes a table with stops for clean cut edges for easy connection of parts.


Punching Station

Punching Station

The punching station can be run simultaneously with any of the stations in the DP models and offers stepless stroke adjustment.


Flat Shearing Station

Sheet Shear

The flat shearing station features a lower blade with 4 cutting edges and an upper blade with 2 cutting edges as well as angle and length stop.


Angle Shearing Station

Angle Shear 2

The angle shearing station can be adjusted to fit many different sizes of profiles.

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