KAAST Machine tools IMTS 2024

A sneak peak at the machines at IMTS 2024, booth 338570!

KAAST MACHINE TOOLS, INC Heads to IMTS 2024 with their new HBW-MC 2020/110 Bore Mill!

You can find KAAST Machine Tools September 9-14, at IMTS 2024 in Chicago, IL in the McCormick Place, South Building, Level 3, Booth 338570.

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IMTS 2024 Floorplan KAAST Machine Tolls

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Join the KAAST team at booth 338570 during IMTS 2024 to see live demonstrations of their latest innovations. The full machine line up includes CNC & Manual Lathes, Vertical Machining Centers, Knee Type Mills, Boring Mills, Surface & Cylindrical Grinders, Bandsaws, Cold Saws, Ironworkers and Angle Rolls.

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Special pre-show pricing and delivery from the show is available for all machines. KAAST Machine Tools looks forward to seeing you at IMTS 2024!

CNC Horizontal Boring Mill

Please join the KAAST team at booth 338570 during IMTS 2024 to experience live demonstrations of their latest innovation, the HBS-MC 2020/110 CNC horizontal bore mill. The HBW-MC series boasts heavy-duty capabilities, featuring a robust moving column design and a table capacity exceeding 17,000 lbs with precision down to 0.001°. Crafted from hardened and ground guideways and fortified with high-quality Meehanite cast iron, the HBW-MC series ensures steadfast support for even the most substantial workpieces. Additionally, its telescopic steel covers offer effective safeguarding of the bed guideways, enhancing operational durability. Equipped with glass scales across the X, Y, and Z-axes, the HBW series guarantees meticulous accuracy in machining tasks. Moreover, the utilization of the FANUC 0i-MF CNC control system further optimizes performance and operational efficiency.

IMTS 2024 Horizontal Boring Mill KAAST
IMTS 2024 CNC Vertical Lathes KAAST

CNC Vertical Lathes

Additionally, attendees at IMTS 2024 are encouraged to explore our comprehensive lineup, including the V-Turn CNC 550—a vertical lathe boasting a 22″ swing, equipped with a Fanuc 0i-TF control system and powered by a 25 Hp motor. This versatile lathe is equipped with live tooling, a C-axis, and a Renishaw HPRA tool setter, ensuring precise and efficient machining operations. With a 2-stage transmission delivering exceptional torque, the V-Turn CNC 550 is capable of handling heavy-duty machining tasks, even on challenging materials. Its 12-tool turret, integrated coolant system, chip conveyor, and automatic lubrication mechanism further enhance its functionality and reliability, making it an indispensable asset in any machining environment.

Vertical Machining Centers

Furthermore, don’t miss the opportunity to witness the KAAST VF-Mill D Mini in action—a vertical machining center renowned for its exceptional footprint-to-travel ratio at the exhibition. Measuring at a compact 6x6x7′, this VMC combines a swift 12-tool umbrella changer with a high-speed 10,000 rpm CAT40 spindle, offering generous travels of 20″/12″/16″ along the X/Y/Z axes. Powered by the latest generation of the Fanuc 0i control systems, the VF-Mill D Mini ensures seamless operation and precise control over machining processes. Its robust and sturdy base frame delivers outstanding rigidity, stability, and vibration dampening, enabling flawless performance even during heavy-duty cutting operations.

Vertical Machining Centers IMTS 2024
IMTS 2024 CNC Teach Lathes

CNC Teach Lathes

Also presented in booth 338570 at IMTS 2024, the C-Turn series engine lathes stand out for their hardened, precision-ground guideways, delivering impeccable precision in turning operations. Notably, these lathes operate with exceptionally low noise levels, enhancing the working environment for operators. Featuring a universal gearbox, the C-Turn series facilitates seamless transitions between various cutting tasks without the need for gear changes, ensuring uninterrupted workflow and optimal efficiency.

During the exhibition, KAAST will showcase both manual and CNC versions of the C-Turn series. The C-Turn 230/100 CNC variant will demonstrate user-friendly conversational programming capabilities, facilitated by the Fagor8055i/A TC control panel. This intuitive interface eliminates the need for users to possess prior CNC programming or G-Code expertise, streamlining the machining process and increasing accessibility for operators of all skill levels.

Cold Saws

We cordially invite visitors to explore the HCS 75 NC Fully Automatic Cold Saw—an advanced circular saw boasting a cutting capacity of up to 75 mm (2.95″). Engineered with a robust design and incorporating numerous anti-vibration features, this saw delivers unparalleled speed, precision, efficiency, and cleanliness in cutting operations.

Equipped with a thin-kerf blade measuring just 0.079″, the HCS 75 NC minimizes material waste while maximizing productivity. Automatic material diameter sensing technology ensures swift cycle times, optimizing workflow efficiency. The top vise jaw securely clamps materials in place, facilitating material stacking to enhance throughput. Notably, a unique electromagnetic brake and gear transmission system significantly reduce noise, vibration, and power consumption, while simultaneously improving blade longevity and cut quality. For enhanced productivity, the bar loading magazine accommodates up to 13 pieces of 2.96″ x 20′ bar, with additional capacity options available to meet varying production needs.

Cold Saws IMTS 2024 KAAST Machine Tools
Surface Grinders IMTS 2024 KAAST

Surface Grinders

KAAST’s IMTS 2024 booth presents the F-Grind 3060 AH, an advanced surface grinding solution tailored to meet precision machining demands. Highlighted by a robust grinding spindle, the F-Grind AH incorporates heavy-duty, preloaded angular contact ball bearings, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Automatic feed capabilities in the X/Y/Z axes streamline operations, while the vertical axis achieves high positioning accuracy through the integration of an AC servo motor in tandem with a recirculating ball screw mechanism.

Attendees can witness the F-Grind AH in action during our demonstration, which will spotlight the AD5 NC control system. This system enables programmable feed control of the vertical axis, automatic cross feed of the table, management of the number of passes, and access to various pre-configured grinding cycles. This comprehensive suite of features empowers operators to achieve precise and efficient surface grinding results with ease.

Cylindrical Grinders

Those looking for a new cylindrical grinder will also be able to shop in the KAAST booth. On display will be an R-Grind 1565. These high-performance cylindrical grinding machines are constructed from high-quality Meehanite cast iron with heavy ribbing, ensuring exceptional stiffness and stability for heavy workpieces. They feature a precision grinding spindle for high accuracy and repeatability, with a belt-driven spindle stock offering adjustable speeds for optimal grinding conditions. Standard features include automatic headstock lubrication and a hydraulically driven table feed with soft stops at each end, offering infinitely variable feed rates for superior surface finishes. The hydrostatic spindle bearing, utilizing an oil film, significantly reduces vibration, enhancing precision, surface quality, and spindle longevity.

Bandsaws IMTS 2024 KAAST


The fully automatic HBS A 230 will be churning out slices of 9″ pipe during the show, demonstrating this horizontal band saw’s “set it up and walk away” ability. With automatic material feed and blade breakage sensor, this saw can safely cut for hours without operator intervention.

The HBS 360 DGH dual mitering abilities will be showcased along with its modular quick action vice that allows for mitering from -45° to +30°. Both of these saws feature a sturdy cast iron base and come standard with independently controlled dual flood coolant, hydromechanical blade tension, and infinitely variable blade speed and down feed pressure.

Angle Rollers

Bending 4″ angle, the PBH 80 NC angle roller gets its versatility from the included modular dies. With the ability to roll up the 13 different squared profiles, these dies allow this machine to stay busy, no matter today’s project. Overall, angle rolls are versatile machines that play a critical role in various manufacturing sectors, providing precision bending capabilities for a wide range of metal profiles and sections.

Angle Rolls IMTS 2024 KAAST
Ironworkers IMTS 2024 KAAST


KAAST’s PS model ironworker is a multi-purpose machine equipped with five workstations catering to punching, shearing, steelworking, and notching needs. The PS DP hydraulic ironworker PS 65 DP, on display at the show, is distinguished by its dual-cylinder configuration, thus allowing simultaneous parallel work on both the punch as well as a second workstation. Standard features include an electric trigger switch that measures up to 1000 mm (39.4″) for quick workflow of repetitive shearing work (65 ton and up). Each workstation also offers jog-mode for precise tool and work piece positioning

Knee Mills

Rounding out booth 338570, the DMVH 305 VS, dual spindle knee mill will also be on display. The drilling and milling head on these knee mills features a quiet V-belt drive operation and infinitely variable spindle speed control, paired with automatic spindle sleeve feed (3 steps with micrometer depth stop) for precise and efficient milling. The spindle braking is controlled via a simple hand lever for ease of use and the head allows for a swivel range left / right ± 45 ° and rotation of the upper arm around the column 360°.

KAAST’s Bridgeport style mills are built to last, with a high-quality heavy-duty MEEHANITE cast iron base and all guideways coated with Turcite B® for maximum durability. The XYZ slideways, table, and T-slot are hardened and ground for long-lasting wear resistance. The high-grade casting is annealed and stress relief for high rigidity, making it perfect for even the toughest milling jobs. Box ways on Y and column ensure smooth and precise movement, while telescopic steel covers protect the slideway and ball screw from dust and coolant. Plus, semi-guarding is standard with optional full guarding available.

Knee Mills KAAST Machine Tools

KAAST Machine Tools’ experience at IMTS 2022 was a great success with over 115,000 attendees! We didn’t get a chance to talk with all of you, but Thank You to those who stopped by, especially our existing and new customers. We look forward to seeing you at this year’s show!

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IMTS 2024 Press Contact: Ebony Goldsmith