FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: KAAST Machine Tools Inc. Presents HPB Series

February 21, 2018 HPB Series




Ardmore, PA- KAAST Machine Tools, Inc. is proud to present their new HPB Series of Press Brakes. This machine features 4 axis, dual Y1 & Y2 ram with glass scales for accuracy, and Delem graphical touch screen controllers offer easy programming and set up.

Built in Europe, the HPB is specifically designed and produced with a rigid upper beam running on 8-point bearings with a precision of 0.01mm (0.0004”)with a 2-axis ultra-strong backgauge system with travel of 800 mm (31”) and with ± 0.01 mm (0.0004”) repeatability. Also available is a full 6-axis ATF dual independent backgauge for complex bends. The bend is controlled by a CNC controller, and foldable backgauge fingers for reverse bending. HOERBIEGER hydraulics provide synchronized working of specially hardened chrome coated cylinders with up to 2000 US tons of pressure across 4-20’ of bending length. The press includes quick release clamping, with Promecam type top clamps to ensure the most rapid and accurate bends.

Stronger, faster and deeper bends: The HPB series is perfect for complicated, sensitive, single or multiple bendings at high speed. This machine is among the highest rated machines for helping to increase productivity and lower costs with a user-friendly CNC controller and low-cost hydraulic maintenance. It allows users to have more production capacity and eliminates wasted time in production.

←The HPB series offers motorized X-axis backgauge and manual R-axis standard.
Please visit for a full color PDF with additional specs.