FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: KAAST Machine Tools Inc. Welcomes New Office Manager

April 18, 2018


Philadelphia- Need a fast quote for a machine? Misplace your manual and need a digital copy? Out of consumables? If you have called in to us for any of these reasons in the last six months, you have likely already met the new member of the KAAST Machine Tools team, Ebony Goldsmith.

Ebony joins KAAST with a background in marketing, sales, and executive assistance, as our new Office Manager. A customer service maven, Ebony is handling all the above requests as well as the accounts payable and receivable. “I want to help KAAST to be known for amazing customer support; as a company who knows its best customer is the one it already has,” Ebony says.

Ebony grew up spending summers working with her dad on everything from automotive repair and moving buildings to establishing a profitable scrap metal recycling program in their small community in Alaska. “When I was 8 or 9, the Homer Machine Shop was one of my favorite places for us to spend the day. In the shop my dad always made sure I understood not just what their jobs were, but how the machines (lathes, drills presses, boring machines, saws, etc) worked,” Ebony explains, “I didn’t know how valuable this education was at the time, but having an understanding of how things work and are built has definitely helped me to get to where I am today.” As a kid in a machine shop, things didn’t always go smoothly. Ebony tells the story:

“One day I was digging in the box of random washers (every shop has one) and I found one that fit onto my finger like a ring. I slid the washer down past my knuckle with no problem and danced out to show my dad. Then I went back to digging in the washer box. A little while later, my finger began to hurt. It had swollen with all of the digging I was doing and the washer was now stuck on my finger. I ran out and showed my dad, who jumped into action by grabbing a hack-saw and trying to grab my hand. I panicked, for some reason I thought he was going to cut off my finger to get the washer. Once he promised he was only going to cut the washer, he secured it in a vice to keep my wiggling from making him break his promise. And then he started sawing. Quickly, the washer
became hot from the friction of the saw. My dad’s solution was to stick my hand in to the open tank on the back of the shop bathroom toilet. After a quick dip in the cool water, I was back in the vice where he finished sawing through the washer, freeing my finger. My dad still has the washer, in the window of his cabin, and tells this story frequently.”

In a male-dominated field, Ebony has quickly broken through the glass ceiling of the machine tool world, becoming the go-to person when it comes to the HBS line of KAAST bandsaws, helping customers narrow the wide range of options to fit their specific needs. She also offers phone, email, and even in-person service calls; troubleshooting if customers need help after they get the saws into their shops. “I love getting out into the field and meeting our customers; seeing their shops; learning about what they are creating and how they are putting KAAST machines to good use,” Ebony says. Customers are often surprised when they call in and ask for someone who knows bandsaws and her friendly reply is, “yes, as I said, thank you for calling KAAST Machine Tools, my name is Ebony. How can I help you?” There is also usually a bit of surprise when she shows up for service calls. “When [KAAST] said a female tech was coming, I was a bit skeptical,” Brandon Tepper of customer MER (Mobile Equipment Repair) admits, “but she totally knows her stuff. She got [our saw] back up and running in no time at all.”

As the KAAST team prepares to settle into their new building, they are looking to add additional talented staff to fill several positions currently open including Digital Marketing Manager, Service Technician, and Warehouse Manager. Live in the Philly area, love KAAST machines, and have a background in these areas? Visit and apply today to join Ebony and the rest of the KAAST crew.