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Fabtech 2019Fabtech 2019 Recap

Enjoy our Fabtech 2019 Recap! While the streets of Chicago were only 20°, the aisles of Fabtech 2019 were hot! Over 750 current and potential clients came to say “hi” to us in booth A2967 of the South Hall. Machines presented at the show included bandsaws, a brake, plate and angle rolls, and even a knee-mill.

The HPA-P workshop press brake, that we introduced at Fabtech 2018 in Atlanta, was once again the star of the show. Shop owners and machine operators alike were impressed by the tonnage to footprint ratio of this popular machine. “Sometimes you just want to make a quick bend,” Wade McAdam of ProFix stopped by to tell us, “without having to interrupt a CNC brake, or farm it out.” McAdam picked up his HPA-P 150/60 from us in Atlanta last year and it has been working hard bending parts for his patented log bundler for the forestry industry ever since.

The KSP 80 eccentric press was another unique item in the booth. The bronze ram guides and hydraulic overload protection impressed those looking for this type of stamping press, while the connecting rod fixed between two eccentric shafts (ensuring stability and security) impressed the mechanical engineers who stopped by. As a demo machine, this 88 ton machine is marked down more than 15% in price as it awaits its new home. For fabricators looking for a great deal on a sturdy, proven machine, this one should be at the top of the list.

Fabricators got to see two of the KAAST horizontal bandsaws at the show, the HBS 230 DG and the HBS 440 DG. With 9” and 17” capacity respectively, these dual mitering bandsaws represent both the smaller and larger capacities offered by KAAST. The 230 DG seemed to be most popular with job shops, while the 440 DG appealed more to those looking for structural beam cutting. Horizontal bandsaws are some of the most popular of the KAAST line up, with more than 300 across the USA.

The DMV 250 VS knee-mill was one of the few of its kind in the South Hall. It impressed with its air-powered draw bar, variable speed and 10×54” table. While most visitors were fabricators, “you never know when you’re going to need to machine something,” we heard again and again. The 3 Hp spindle offers up to 2700 RPMs making it a good fit for most applications.

Customer Fabtech 2019Rounding out the booth, the KAAST team brought the RBD-3M 15/6 three roll plate roller with 5’ x 0.25” capacity. Perfect for bending both cylinders and cones, the RBD-3M will most likely end up in an HVAC fabrication shop, though several schools also saw the value of adding it the classroom. “We’re looking for a sturdy machine that is simple to operate,” one teacher commented, “this looks to fit the bill exactly.”

Built to bend up to 3” angle, the PBH 80 also drew a fair share of admirers. The simple to use NC control and the large capacity was tempting to many, but the reliability and robustness of the machine are the real selling points of this roller. Visitors were also intrigued by the ability to operate the roller horizontally or vertically. “We only have 20’ ceilings, so the ability to run the machine horizontally will allow us roll even our longest pieces,” one customer said.Fabtech 2019

All of these machines and many other are in stock in the KAAST Philadelphia warehouse. Customers are invited to visit the 42,000 sq ft facility, located just 5 miles from the Philadelphia International Airport. “We’re a bit swamped after the show,” office manager Ebony Goldsmith said, “but we always make time to let customers come in and demo the machines.” The team does ask for 24 hour notice when possible to ensure the correct machines are wired up to run.