HGS 3108 Hydraulic Shears

Learn about the essential tips for Industrial Hydraulic Components from KAAST.

The most important part of a hydraulic system is keeping it clean. Any extreme pressure system is vulnerable to dirt, particles, and other matter that could contaminate the close tolerances necessary for any industrial hydraulic components. All pipes, fittings, and other components must be extremely clean before use.

Maintenance Tip: Regularly replace filters and, at a minimum, replace the hydraulic fluid annually. When replacing the fluid, completely drain reservoirs and clean out all contaminants.

industrial hydraulic shears

HGS-3108 Hydraulic Shear 10′ x 1/2″

When connecting to a hydraulic system, use the tubing or pipe that is capable of handling heavy pressures and loads required by the hydraulic system. Pipes should have a minimum number of bends and fittings, as well as be securely fastened and clean. Iron pipes are not recommended because they have particles that will flake off and contaminate a system.

Maintenance Tip: Consult with your hydraulic service provider for the proper tubing or pipe. Share a schematic of your industrial hydraulic components and request recommendations for maximizing operating efficiency.

We have several types of hydraulic machines including Hydraulic Shears.

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