KAAST Machine Tool customer spotlights are all the same: they use our machines to create top of the line products for their customers. But how the machines are used and what they create is a different story in every shop.

Customer spotlight

Harley Davidson riders demand the highest quality parts and accessories. This Customer Spotlight, DK Custom Products has over 1.2 million views on their YouTube channel and another 20 thousand Instagram followers, proving their thought-leadership in the Harley market.  Riders looking for top of the line aftermarket bike parts are shopping at DK, a Harley Davidson R&D facility outside of Red Banks, MS. Owner Devin Bright and his team produce “parts that we make in the USA, run on our own bikes, and have a lifetime warranty.” These parts are sold both directly to the public and through a network of Harley Davidson dealers and distributors.

Material cut by the KAAST HBS A 230.

In addition to their line-up of lathes and milling machines, DK recently added a KAAST HBS A 230 to their 4300 sqft shop.   This 9” capacity, fully automatic, horizontal bandsaw allows the operator to set the length and number of parts and the saw will then run continuously without further operator intervention. The saw at DK is cutting through material continuously for 3-6 hours per day, cutting blanks for their 3 machinists to turn into parts. This inspired us to write this Customer Spotlight!

The finished product.

The blanks are turned into parts such as the DK patented tank lift kits, handlebars, heel rests, and other covers, trims and accents. One area of focus for DK is exhaust systems. There are dozens of companies making hundreds of different looks and levels of sound, and almost all claim big performance increases. The approach DK Custom takes to exhaust is to address performance, and to a smaller degree, the sound, leaving the looks to each person’s personal taste. Once a person has chosen the look, and general sound that they like (go to bike nights and listen until you hear the sound you like, then ask what they’re running) in slip-on mufflers or entire exhaust systems, DK has a small component, Thunder Torque Inserts, that can be added to almost any exhaust slip-on or system. The Thunder Torque Inserts (TTI’s) will slightly deepen the tone, and, more importantly, will increase the low and mid range power by 5%-20%, by reducing engine pumping loss, & increasing exhaust gas velocity. The patented TTI’s are literally the most power increase per $ spent of any mod that can be done to a Harley-Davidson motor!

“There was a bit of an issue with the machines electrical requirements vs. supplied electricity in our shop regarding getting the machine setup,” Bright explains, “a rotary phase converter was installed by a local electrician to convert the shop’s single phase to three phase, as required by the machine. With these issues the post-sales team was there and trying to help. They were doing their best to resolve the issues. That was obvious, rare, and much appreciated. Other than these small issues it has been rock solid and overall the experience has been great. I would purchase an identical one tomorrow if the need arose.”

“As far as value (for the HBS A 230) I would say that it is an extreme value. I did a ton of research before the purchase of this machine and it has lived up to what I thought it would be. We are a small company with a budget so saying the machine lived up to the value is no small feat and was the primary reason for purchase,” Bright tells, “the sales process and sales support was some of the best, if not the best, I have experienced with a machine tool supplier/distributor.”

Thanks again for enjoying this Customer Spotlight!