Circular Cold Saws

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Automatic Circular Cold Saws

Our high-speed HCS NC circular cold saws will cut a 2.75″ bar into 2″ lengths at a rate of 500/hour!

Even at 24" lengths, these cold saws will reliably produce over 400 clean-cut pieces an hour! Those are impressive numbers for any NC Cold Saw. A rigid design and many anti-vibration features result in an NC cold saw that is fast, precise, efficient and clean. The thin-kerf blade (0.079″) reduces waste while increasing efficiency. The automatic material diameter sensing ensures the fastest cycle times. A unique electromagnetic brake and gear transmission result in less noise, vibration and power consumption while improving blade life and cut quality. The bar loading magazine holds up to 13 pieces of 2.75″x20′ bar (additional capacity available).

Cold Saw Blades

A cold saw is a type of circular saw specifically designed for cutting metal. It utilizes a toothed blade to transfer the heat generated during cutting to the chips created by the blade. This unique feature allows both the blade and the material being cut to remain cool throughout the process. In contrast, an abrasive saw grinds the metal, generating a significant amount of heat that is absorbed by both the material and the saw blade.

When metal is heated, it expands. Abrasive cutting causes both the material and the blade to expand, making it more difficult to produce a clean cut and potentially leading to binding issues. Additionally, the friction generated by abrasive cutting produces even more heat, resulting in accelerated blade wear and higher energy consumption.

Blade Types

Cold saws employ either a solid high-speed steel (HSS) blade or a tungsten carbide-tipped blade that can be resharpened. They are equipped with an electric motor and a gear reduction unit, which reduce the rotational speed of the saw blade while maintaining a constant torque. This enables the HSS blade to feed at a consistent rate with a high chip load per tooth.

Cold saws are capable of machining a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys. They offer several advantages, including minimal burr production, fewer sparks, less discoloration, and no dust. Some cold saws are designed to use a flood coolant system that keeps the saw blade's teeth cooled and lubricated, effectively eliminating sparks and discoloration. The choice of saw blade type, number of teeth, cutting speed, and feed rate must all be appropriate for the specific type and size of material being cut. Additionally, the material must be mechanically clamped to prevent movement during the cutting process.

Standard Configuration

  • NC Control with 7″ touchscreen
  • Automatic material diameter sensing
  • Fast 20′ bar feed (944″/min) by AC servomotor and ballscrew
  • Automatic bar loader table
  • Automatic trim and remnant sorting
  • Saw blade feed by AC servomotor and ballscrew
  • Infinitely variable blade speed (Inverter)
  • Power blade brush
  • Chip conveyor
  • Oil mist coolant (programmable)
  • Variable vice pressure
  • Operation manual
Machine Specs Availability
HCS 120 NC 5″ capacity, 500cuts/hr Immediately
HCS 75 NC 2.96″ capacity, 400cuts/hr Immediately

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