CNC Vertical Lathes (VTL)

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V-Turn 550
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V-Turn B 4000-D CNC
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CNC Vertical Lathes

CNC vertical lathes provide optimized performance for specialized chip-making. Our CNC VTL (Vertical Turning Lathe) models offer several key capabilities and benefits to support your day-to-day operations.


With CNC vertical lathe machines, your team can work with a range of project materials to create precise shapes and dimensions. Our powerful CNC vertical turning lathes equip you to address the specific needs of workpieces that are large, heavy and have a large diameter with a short length. A vertical turning lathe helps you manage large and unwieldy pieces efficiently with precise results.

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Key Features

With turning diameters up to 33 feet, the V-Turn CNC line up of CNC Vertical Lathes (VTLs) can handle your largest workpieces. The heavily ribbed column of HT300 casting offers high rigidity paired with wide flat guides to ensure maximum stability with very good damping properties on the VTL machines. The machine table is embedded in a solid base casting, which ensures an enormous table load capacity as compared to competitive models. The 2-stage transmission is suited to a vast array of machining situation with extremely high torque and is therefore designed for heavy machining, even with tough materials. Easy access to the working area facilitates tooling, set-up, and unloading on KAAST Vertical Turning Centers.

All models of these high-speed CNC vertical lathes include precision ball-screws for the X and Z-axes. The optional driven rotary tools with integrated C-axis and automatic tool changer offer the possibility of complex complete machining in one setup. The complete enclosures keep your operators clean and safe during CNC VTLs operations. These vertical CNC lathe machines utilize the Fanuc 0i-TF controller, with Siemens or Mitsubishi controllers available as well. This means optimization of the processing times and gives an added competitive value. The Latest technologies from reputable manufacturers ensure high machine availability and excellent machining results for many years.


With our CNC vertical lathes, you can harness several key advantages for your applications, including:

  • Optimized efficiency: Using a vertical lathe can help you increase daily production rates and optimize efficiency on the job.
  • Reduced operating costs: Increasing your efficiency and cutting down on manual labor requirements can help you save on operating expenses.

CNC Vertical Lathes Available Models

KAAST Machine Tools offers three primary models of computer numerical controlled vertical lathe machines for your work. Our experienced sales team is available to provide consulting and planning services for your needs.

V-Turn ATC CNC • 18-40" max turning diameter; Fast, powerful, compact

With an 18-40" max turning diameter, this series of vertical CNC lathes are fast, powerful and compact, maximizing efficiency keeping your operations running smoothly. Tackle demanding projects with its robust capabilities for specialized metalworking needs. Compact design helps save floor space.

V-Turn B CNC • 49-394" max workpiece diameter; Strong, efficient, heavy-duty

This model of CNC VTL offers a 49-394" maximum workpiece diameter for larger hefty projects. Strong, efficient, heavy-duty capabilities optimized for large, heavy workpieces.

V-Turn Pro/ Pro plus CNC • 59-118" max turning diameter; Complex, complete machining

For larger scale, multifaceted machining, this model range of CNC vertical lathe for sale offers a 59-118" max turning diameter. Its versatility allows for complex, complete machining and equips you for a range of project types. Rely on this solution to support your day-to-day operational needs to get precision results.

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At KAAST Machine Tools, we're committed to delivering the solutions you need for your critical requirements. Our team is dedicated to continuous support before, during and after your purchase. We provide consultation services to help determine the best solution for your needs. Financing and leasing options at competitive rates to fit your budget are available upon request.

Trust KAAST Machine Tools, Inc. to deliver and install high-performance solutions with fast turnaround times. We strive to make the process of getting your equipment proficient and uncomplicated. If you need replacement parts in the future, you can reach out to us anytime.

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CNC Vertical Lathes Standard Configuration

  • Fanuc 0i-TF CNC controller
  • Three-color warning light
  • Coolant system
  • Chip conveyor
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Heat exchanger for electric cabinet
  • Full-enclosed way covers
  • Work light
  • Leveling pads and bolts
  • Tool kit
  • Operation manual
  • Electrical handwheel (MPG)

CNC Vertical Lathes Optional Configuration

  • Fanuc or Siemens or Mitsubishi CNC control
  • 3-jaw hydraulic chuck
  • 4-jaw hydraulic chuck
  • Oil/air cooling
  • ATC
  • Live tooling
  • C-axis with driven tools
  • Toolholders (various)
  • Automatic door
  • Oil-coolant skimmer
  • Oil mist collector
  • Oil separator
  • Glass linear scales for X/Z-axes
  • Coolant through spindle
  • Tool measurement
  • Work piece measurement
Specifications V-Turn Pro CNC • V-Turn Pro plus CNC
1600 CNC 2000 CNC 2500 CNC 3000 CNC
5' swing, 17' height 6' swing, 19' height 8' swing, 19' height 9' swing, 20' height
Table diameter mm 1250 (49") 1600 (63") 2000 (79") 2500 (98")
Max. swing diameter mm 1600 (63") 2000 (79") 2500 (98") 3000 (118")
Max. turning diameter mm 1500 (59") 1900 (75") 2400 (94") 3000 (118")
Max. turning height mm 1250 (49") 1600 (63")
Max. workpiece weight kg 9000 (19,800 lbs) 14000 (30,800 lbs) 21000 (46,200 lbs) 15000 (33,000 lbs)
Max. torque of table Nm 13160 (9,700 ft∙lb) 22910 (16,900 ft∙lb) 28310 (20,800 ft∙lb) 41220 (30,400 ft∙lb)
Max. cutting force N 25000 32000
Axis travel: X mm -200–1700 (-8–67") -250–2300 (-9.8–91") -250–2700 (-9.8–106") -300–1650 (-12–65")
Axis travel: Z mm 900 (35") 1000 (39.4") [opt. 1200 (47")] 1200
RAM size mm 230×240 (9×9.5") 240×270 (9.5×10.6") 250×250 (10×10")
Rapid traverse – X axis m/min 12 (472"/min) 10 (394"/min)
Rapid traverse – Z axis m/min 10 (394"/min)
Table speeds (2 steps) rpm 2–110, 2–350 1–60, 2–250 1–50, 2–200 3–55, 5–160
Crossrail stroke mm 800 (31.5") 1000 (39.4")
Tool shank size mm 32×32 (1.26×1.26") 40×40 (1.6×1.6")
Main spindle motor kW AC 37/30 (50/40 Hp) AC 37/45 (50/60 Hp) AC 45/55 (60/73 Hp)
X/Z axis servo motor kW 6 (8 Hp) 7 (9 Hp)
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 4765x2785x5210
Weight kg 20000 (44,000 lbs) 28000 (61,600 lbs) 32000 (70,400 lbs) 51000 (112,200 lbs)
ATC magazine capacity pc. 12
Max. tool length mm 450 (17.7") (turning)
Max. weight of toolholder kg 50 (110 lbs)
ATC magazine capacity pc. 18 (turning: 9, driven: 9) 16 (turning: 8, driven: 8)
Max. tool length mm turning and driven 450 (17.7")
Max. drill diameter mm 50 (2”) (C45-steel)
Max. tap diameter M30 (C45-steel)
Max. torque for drilling Nm 196 (145 ft∙lb)
Live spindle speed rpm 2–2400 50–2250
C-axis feed rate °/min 0–800
Live spindle motor kW 11/7.5 (15/10 Hp)
C-axis servo motor kW 3 (4 Hp)
Tool taper BT50
Machine CNC Vertical Lathes Capacity Configuration Availability
V-TURN 550 CNC Fanuc; 22” swing; 25Hp; Renishaw HPRA tool setter; 0° Rotary tool Standard Now

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