CNC Bed & Knee Type Mills

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Introducing our high-quality CNC teach mills style bed and knee mills designed for small series production and prototyping. Our mills feature a drilling and milling head with a quiet V-belt drive operation and infinitely variable spindle speed control, paired with automatic spindle sleeve feed for precise depth stops. With a swivel range of left/right ± 45° and rotation of the upper arm around the column 360°, the head is versatile and user-friendly.

Our heavy-duty MEEHANITE cast iron base contains all guideways coated with Turcite B, ensuring durability and precision. The XYZ slideways, table, and T-slot are hardened and ground for long-lasting wear resistance. Our high-grade casting is annealed and stress-released for added rigidity and longevity. Box ways on Y and column provide extra stability and support. Telescopic steel covers protect the slideway and ball screw from dust and coolant, while semi-guarding comes standard, with the option to upgrade to full guarding.

The Fagor 8055i CNC control is a conversational control system that is simple and user-friendly. It allows users to choose between uploading an existing file or writing a new file while running the machine manually. The control system is designed to make programming and operation easy for users of all levels.

If you're looking for a versatile and reliable CNC mill for your small series production and prototyping needs, our CNC teach style bed and knee mills are the perfect choice.

DMV VS CNC • Knee mills with teach style CNC controls
DMV B CNC • Bed mills with teach style CNC controls

Standard Configuration

  • Fagor 8055i CNC control
  • Variable speed spindle
  • Ballscrews with double nuts on all 3 axes
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Work light
  • Tool kit
  • Operation manual

Optional Configuration

  • Mitsubishi E70 CNC
  • Air drawbar
  • 4th Axis
Specifications DMV DMVH
250 VS CNC 250/1 VS CNC 305 VS CNC 305 VS CNC
10 x 54” 10 x 54” 12 x 50” 12 x 50”
Table dimensions (W/L) mm 250×1370 (10×54") 305×1270 (12×50")
Travels X mm 870 (34") manual, 775 (30.5") auto 900 (35") auto
Y mm 390 (15.3") 410 (16") 400 (16")
Z mm 390 (15.3") 450 (17.7")
Spindle taper R8 #40 #40
Speeds rpm 66–2720 40-4500 50-3600
Quill travel mm 127 (5") 140 (5.5")
Horizontal Speed rpm #40, 48–1180
Swivel range milling head deg ±45°
Spindle-table distance mm 100–506 (4–20") 85–535 (3.3–21") 130–580 (5–22.8")
Spindle-column distance mm 159–719 (6.25–28.3") 178–738 (7–29") 185–685 (7.3–27")
Main drive motor kW 2.2 (3 Hp) 3.7 (5 Hp) 3.7 (5 Hp vert./5 Hp horiz.)
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 2011x2087x1840
Weight kg 1300 (2,860 lbs) 1600 (3,520 lbs) 2500 (5,500 lbs)
Machine Specs Availability
DMV 380 VS CNC Fagor, 12″x58″ Table, 39" X Travel, 5 Hp Inverter, Air-power Drawbar Soon

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