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Introducing our high-quality versatile CNC Teach Mills (CNC bed and knee mills) designed for small series production and prototyping. Our CNC mills feature a drilling and milling head with a quiet V-belt drive operation and infinitely variable spindle speed control, paired with automatic spindle sleeve feed for precise depth stops. With a swivel range of left/right ± 45° and 360° rotation of the upper arm around the column, the head is versatile and user-friendly. Our heavy-duty MEEHANITE cast iron base on both the CNC bed mill and the CNC knee mill contains all guideways coated with Turcite B®, ensuring durability and precision.

The XYZ slideways, table, and T-slot are hardened and ground for long-lasting wear resistance. Our high-grade casting is annealed and stress relief for added rigidity and longevity. Models may include Box ways that provide extra stability and support. Telescopic steel covers protect the slideway and ball screw from dust and coolant, while semi-guarding comes standard, with the option to upgrade to full guarding.

The Fagor 8058i CNC control is a conversational control system that is simple and user-friendly. It allows users to choose between uploading an existing file or writing a new file while running the machine manually. The control system is designed to make programming and operation easy for users of all levels.

DMV VS CNC • Knee mills with teach style CNC controls
The CNC Knee Milling machines are Bridgeport knee mills that have a vertically movable worktable that allows for more flexible working.

DMV B CNC • Bed mills with teach style CNC controls
The CNC Bed Mills have a fixed bed and more rigidity and stability that allow for more heavy-duty tasks.

KAAST’s advanced CNC Teach Mills are meticulously crafted in both the CNC bed mills and CNC knee mills to cater to the demands of small series production and prototyping. These precision mills are engineered to deliver high-quality results with cutting-edge features for optimal performance. The ideal Bridgeport CNC Mill is choice for precision engineering and user-friendly controls for an unparalleled machining experience.

Standard Configuration

  • Fagor 8058i CNC control
  • Variable speed spindle
  • Ballscrews with double nuts on all 3 axes
  • Automatic lubrication
  • Work light
  • Tool kit
  • Operation manual

Optional Configuration

  • Mitsubishi E70 CNC
  • Air drawbar
  • 4th Axis
Specifications DMV DMVH
250 VS CNC 250/1 VS CNC 305 VS CNC 305 VS CNC
10 x 54” 10 x 54” 12 x 50” 12 x 50”
Table dimensions (W/L) mm 250×1370 (10×54") 305×1270 (12×50")
Travels X mm 870 (34") manual, 775 (30.5") auto 900 (35") auto
Y mm 390 (15.3") 410 (16") 400 (16")
Z mm 390 (15.3") 450 (17.7")
Spindle taper R8 #40 #40
Speeds rpm 66–2720 40-4500 50-3600
Quill travel mm 127 (5") 140 (5.5")
Horizontal Speed rpm #40, 48–1180
Swivel range milling head deg ±45°
Spindle-table distance mm 100–506 (4–20") 85–535 (3.3–21") 130–580 (5–22.8")
Spindle-column distance mm 159–719 (6.25–28.3") 178–738 (7–29") 185–685 (7.3–27")
Main drive motor kW 2.2 (3 Hp) 3.7 (5 Hp) 3.7 (5 Hp vert./5 Hp horiz.)
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 2011x2087x1840
Weight kg 1300 (2,860 lbs) 1600 (3,520 lbs) 2500 (5,500 lbs)

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