With castings of high tensile Meehanite iron for maximum vibration dampening, the KAAST Machine Tools Inc. C-Turn CNC series of our CNC Lathe offers a wealth of benefits not otherwise available on the market. These machines are manufactured in Taiwan (meeting BS EN ISO 23125 standards) with unmatched quality and reliability for high accuracy and performance. At least one of these superior lathes will be brought to IMTS for introduction to the US market.C-Turn 315 CNC Lathe for sale

Fagor 8055i CNC control is an available option The C-Turn series are teach-style CNC lathe, with the ability to repeat long strings of directions for multiple reproductions, saving time and money. The Fagor8055i/A TC Control Panel provides a conversational graphical interface which does not require the user to have a prior CNC programming or G-Code background. However, for those who wish, PLC and ISO (G-Code) are fully integrated.

All slideways and drive elements are automatically lubricated and the undersides of the saddle as well as the cross slide are coated with Turcite-B to ensure accuracy and long life of this shop must-have. The forced lubrication and oil bath is combined in the headstock, prolonging machine life and avoiding service calls. The main spindle bores range from 3”- 14” and are precision machined and ground from large one-piece forging. Double chuck systems are also available. The spindle and gears are made of carburized and ground CR-MO alloy steel. The three-point support on the spindle with two taper-roller bearing and one roller bearing assures accuracy and rigidity. The optional automatic tool changing systems (H4, V8, or V12) provide high performance and high production with flexible and accurate tooling which is optimized to meet the most demanding job schedule. The lathe series also includes a build in tool library for easing management of tools.

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The C-Turn series also offers electronic hand-wheels for manual operation with simple and easy DRO mode. The headstock is manufactured from thick wall and heavily ribbed casting to provide a smooth and quiet turning machine. All gears and shafts are precisely hardened and ground for their best performance.