Centerless Grinders

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CLG 50
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Centerless Grinders

The base of our CLG Centerless Grinder is made of Meehanite casting designed to reduce vibration. The machine base provides stable support to the grinding wheel and regulating wheel assemblies to ensure a rigid machine foundation and better accuracy.

Both grinding and regulating wheel spindles are made of NiCrMo alloy steel, which is normalized, carbonized, hardened, and ground.

The regulating wheel utilizes a servo motor which provides infinitely variable speeds. The speed can be set digitally to reach constant surface speeds even when the diameter of the regulating wheel changes. Consequently, better surface finishes and roundness of the workpiece can be achieved. A belt driven transmission system is also adopted for the regulating wheel for less vibration and noise compared to traditional chain-driven systems.

A double inverted "V" slideway with optimum spacing for the regulating wheel assembly provides smooth movement and stable grinding operations.

A hydraulic dressing unit on both the grinding and regulating wheels with precisely handscraped guideways provides stable hydraulic movement and the best dressing effects. Various types of form dressing can be achieved with optional templates.

CNC models offer two axis servo control and the automatic compensation system can precisely dress forms with complicated edges. An infeed grinding cycle can be completed by simply choosing the grinding cycle mode (single or automatic) inputting grinding data and then pressing cycle start.

CLG • Manual centerless grinders
CLG CNC • CNC centerless grinders
CLG NC • NC centerless grinders

Standard Accessories

  • Tools and toolbox
  • Standard coolant tank
  • Wheel extractor
  • Diamond dresser
  • Levelling bolts and blocks
  • Grinding wheel with flange
  • Spindle lubrication system w/ cooling fan
  • Operation manual and part lists
  • Thrufeed workrest
  • Infeed workrest
  • FANUC 0i-TF CNC controller (CNC model)

Optional Accessories

  • Vibration feeder auto loading system
  • Auto unloading system for thrufeed grinding
  • Forming attachment (forming plates)
  • Thrufeed blade (various sizes)
  • Infeed blade (various sizes)
  • Hydraulic forming attachment
  • Coolant system with paper filter
  • Coolant system with magnetic separator
  • Coolant system with magnetic separator & paper filter
  • Infeed grinding workpiece eject attachment (hydraulic / pneumatic)
  • Auto loading system for thrufeed grinding
  • Hopper type auto. loading system for thrufeed grinding
  • Balancing stand/ arbor
  • Special workrest (for large dia. Workpiece)
  • Minor diameter workrest (dia. 0.7~8mm)

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