OronokoLogoOronoko Iron Works is a custom fabrication and machining business in southern Michigan that makes equipment for breweries and distilleries, as well as industry-specific material handling equipment.

They has been around for just about a year, but their history really goes back four years when owner Rusty Riley started their partner company Malt Handling. Already Oronoko Iron Works has become known for their Sasquatch Roller Mills, which embody everything great about American manufacturing, in a package that is both quality and affordable.

When they first geared up to begin production, Rusty was looking for some new equipment available locally in the mid-west and it was at a trade show in Chicago that he came across KAAST.

“Initially, we were looking for a mitering band saw. We kind of shifted gears when we came across the HBS A 320 band saw. It was a show special so we were able to get a nice discount, and our shop is close by, so that was convenient.” [ Read more about band saws. ]

Oronoko uses a KAAST RBD-3M 12/1.2 plate roll

Rusty also purchased an RBD-3M plate roll for them.

“Looking back on it, we couldn’t really predict how fast we would grow as a business. For now the plate roll is just right, but as we continue to grow I can see us looking to KAAST again for another machine tools purchase. They’ve been very helpful and very responsive whenever anything came up, or we had a question. Those guys are great.”
—Rusty Riley

You can read more about Sasquatch roller mills at sasquatchmills.com and be sure to get in touch with Oronoko Iron Works at oronokoiron.com for your custom fabrication and machining needs in the mid-west. For customized solutions for the craft brewer and distiller, also visit malthandling.com.

Oronoko Iron Works, Inc.
9243 First St.
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