Hydraulic Press Brakes

Looking for a press brake with up to 200t of pressure and a footprint of only 7 x 4’? Look no further than the HPA-P line up of hydraulic press brakes now offered by KAAST Machine Tools. They introduced the HPA-P series to market at the Fabtech trade show in Atlanta in early November of 2018. As the only small hydraulic press brakes at the show, the HPA-P caught the eye of operators and engineers alike. Since their debut, these small but powerful brakes have garnered a great deal of admiration from job shops, prototyping facilities, and production facilities.

These high-quality European built machines are a cost-effective solution for small bending jobs and prototyping. The HPA-P presses offer 100 and 200 tons or working pressure providing steady smooth operation with manual and two-handed working controls at a much lower price point than their CNC cousins. The one-step pressure adjustment and one-step stroke adjustment simplify what can be a daunting task.

The limit switches keep cycle times to a minimum while the choice of 40”, 60”, 80”, or 100” of working area, and an adjustable table height offering up to 16” of daylight, make for easy manipulation of the workpieces. The guide columns on either side of the center hydraulic center help to ensure steady and even pressure across the table.

The HPA-P comes with a top press brake die and holders and a standard multi-V bottom die, both of which can be replaced with any standard or custom  hydraulic press brake tooling. Options include segmented tooling, backgauge, bottom table with special T-slots, working with a footpedal, and a high-speed working system.

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