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9March 2022

In The News: Modern Machine Shop – Kaast F-Grind AH Series’ Construction Increases Accuracy

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Modern Machine Shop NewsKaast F-Grind AH Series' Construction Increases AccuracyKaast Machine Tools’ F-Grind AH series of surface grinders features hardened, ground and PTFE-coated table guidewaysfor maximum rigidity, stability, and grinding accuracy. Kaast Machine Tools’ saddle-style F-Grind AH series surface grinders feature hardened, ground and [...]

11October 2021

CNC Vertical Machining Center: O’Neill Components Spotlight

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CNC Vertical Machining Center: O’Neill Components Spotlight We are checking in with O’Neill Components, who recently added a KAAST VF-Mill 1100 Vertical Machining Center to their factory floor, in this month’s Customer Spotlight. Thermoform tooling is all about surface finish. Thin sheets of heated plastic draw immediate attention to any surfa [...]

15December 2020

Tank maker improves manufacturing processes with innovative equipment

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Tank maker improves manufacturing processes with innovative equipment Rexarc is serving customers needing custom pressure vessels with improved manufacturing processes and innovative manufacturing equipment. “Our reputation in acetylene plants and cylinders is well-earned over our long history of innovation and safety,” said Rob Moyer, CEO of [...]

13May 2020

General Pros and Cons of Laser, Plasma, and Water Cutting

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General Pros and Cons of Laser, Plasma, and Water Cutting From our friends at KAAST Germany: General Pros & Cons of Laser vs Plasma vs Water Cutting Procedure Benefits Disadvantages Oxy Only for structural steel For medium and larger material thickness Economic use of several burner Low investment and wear costs Bad cutting results und [...]

2December 2019

Fabtech 2019 Recap

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Fabtech 2019 Recap Enjoy our Fabtech 2019 Recap! While the streets of Chicago were only 20°, the aisles of Fabtech 2019 were hot! Over 750 current and potential clients came to say “hi” to us in booth A2967 of the South Hall. Machines presented at the show included bandsaws, a brake, plate and angle rolls, and even a knee-mill. The HPA-P worksh [...]

26September 2019

Customer Spotlight: DK Custom Products

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KAAST Machine Tool customer spotlights are all the same: they use our machines to create top of the line products for their customers. But how the machines are used and what they create is a different story in every shop. Harley Davidson riders demand the highest quality parts and accessories. This Customer Spotlight, DK Custom Products has over 1. [...]

16July 2019

How To: Buying a Press Brake

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From mechanical to hydraulic, and then on to hybrid and electric, press brakes have evolved significantly over the last 100 years. “Accuracy is all that matters,” and “more tonnage for your money” are just a few sales slogans you will hear when shopping for a new brake for your job shop or production floor. Use this "How To Buying a Press Brake [...]

9April 2019

Press Brake: When the Machine You Need Doesn’t Exist, Use a KAAST Machine to Create It

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Here we see the use of the KAAST Machine Tools Press Brake to engineer new machines to solve old problems. How does a kid who cleaned shops for cash to upgrade dirt bikes become the CEO of an industry altering company? Hard work, determination, and good tools. 35 years ago, Wade Macadam was that kid. “I cleaned a few shops, the guys who actually wo [...]

11February 2019

HOW-TO: Select A Band Saw

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When looking through the many different horizontal band saws on the market it can be difficult to know which machine will best fit your needs. Scissor type, dual-column, single mitering, auto material feed, capacity… the options can be overwhelming. Use this handy guide to find the right saw for the job! Visit our other band saw blog post about [...]

7January 2019

“Sturdy Band Saws are a Big Step Forward”: Structure Works Fabrication

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With over 25 years of experience, Structureworks Fabrication prides itself on creating beautiful, outdoor spaces that their customers can enjoy. The team at Structureworks recently added a KAAST HBS 270 DG semi-automatic mitering sturdy band saws for cutting the bar stock and aluminum tubing to the tools used to build pergolas. As the first bandvs [...]

1December 2018

Hydraulic Press Brakes: Breaking the Rules

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Looking for a press brake with up to 200t of pressure and a footprint of only 7 x 4’? Look no further than the HPA-P line up of hydraulic press brakes now offered by KAAST Machine Tools. They introduced the HPA-P series to market at the Fabtech trade show in Atlanta in early November of 2018. As the only small hydraulic press brakes at the show, [...]

26November 2018

Saddle-Style Surface Grinders: Smooth Finish for All Projects

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When finishing your next part, be sure to have a KAAST Machine Tools saddle-style F-Grind AH Series high precision saddle-style surface grinders on your shop floor. Featuring hardened, ground and PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene) coated table guideways this grinder series offers full stress relieved main parts to ensure maximum rigidity, stability [...]

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