Benefits of buying machine tools new/used is hard to know. Successfully running a manufacturing or fabrication facility involves choosing the optimal equipment, purchasing high-quality raw materials, and managing your workforce. Since new machine tools are an investment, some managers might consider buying used equipment to save their company money. Although purchasing pre-owned machine tools offer initial cost savings, new equipment pays itself off quickly in the long run.

8 Benefits of Buying Machine Tools and New Equipment

  1. You Know What You’re Getting

    There are no nasty surprises when you buy new equipment. However, used machines may have hidden internal problems which are not discovered until after the machine has been purchased and run for a while. Issues like these can lead to equipment needing to be serviced sooner or even a complete replacement.

    New machines are coming right from the factory in top condition — there’s no need to worry about preexisting problems.

  2. Benefits of buying new machine toolsNew Machine Tools Are Guaranteed

    New machine tools purchased from reputable suppliers come with a warranty, providing the peace of mind that buying used machines can’t match. These warranties protect you from unplanned costs due to unexpected malfunctions while ensuring reliable productivity for years.

  3. Equipment With the Latest Technology

    As machine manufacturers grow and improve, they’re putting out safer, faster and more productive machines that are easier to use. These advantages mean a safer shop environment and improved efficiency, consistent machining tolerances. Efficient equipment often uses fewer resources and less energy, potentially decreasing your facility’s utility costs.

    Newer equipment also offers increased cost savings by minimizing waste and product spoilage. The Benefits of buying machine tools new also have better pre-installed software, providing more manufacturing flexibility while minimizing employee training.

  4. Increased Uptime

    Buying new equipment means that machine uptime is better and your production is uninterrupted. Pre-owned machines do not come with that guaranteed reliability. Although buying used can mean lower upfront investment, the risk of unscheduled machine failures and downtime can be a far higher price in the long run.

    These risks can lead to unneeded complexity and confusion due to production scheduling hiccups due to unreliable operation.

  5. Comprehensive Service and Support

    If you want to be in business for many years, buying new machine tools is the way to go. If you run into any problems with your machine down the road, it’s best to have someone to call who can provide the kind of service and support you need to keep your equipment running. Companies selling new machines often employ a highly knowledgeable tech department you can contact via a quick phone call or email. Many used equipment dealers cannot offer these advantages.

  6. Spare Parts Access

    Finding a spare or replacement part for a used machine tool can sometimes be challenging, particularly if an equipment manufacturer no longer makes the model. Machine tool suppliers selling new machines typically have spare parts for all their equipment, making the parts replacement process fast and easy.

  7. Installation and Training

    Some companies will handle the installation of new machine tools and onsite training so your team can begin production immediately. This advantage speeds up the training process and eliminates wasted time learning the peculiarities of an outdated machine tool.

  8. Machine Availability

    Buying a new machine saves significant time during the research process. Determining whether used equipment options meet your standards — only to find they aren’t suitable for your needs — can cause a big delay in your production schedule. Purchasing new machinery often ensures quick delivery and lets you avoid these holdups altogether.

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Not every manufacturer’s needs are the same, and sometimes buying used is the only affordable option for operations on a tight budget. But if you want long-term reliability, top quality, efficiency, service, and availability, you’re better off buying new machine tools. The downtime saved will be worth it in the long run.

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