Automatic band saws are accurate and efficient

Automatic band saws are best for manufacturing companies who do high-volume cutting on a regular basis. Everything is automated from preset cut settings to chip removal and material feed.

Set and forget with automatic band saws

HBS A 320 Automatic band sawsThere are two loading styles available for an automatic band saw that allow you to set up and walk away as large amounts of parts are cut automatically.

Roller clamp feeds allow material to roll into place up against a stop. During the cutting process it is held in place, and then removed as the next piece rolls in. Hydraulic clamp feeds provide even more precision and allow miter cutting, making them a favorite of many.

Automation is an important step for manufacturers today

Industry thought leaders like Manufacturing Global are highly encouraging manufacturers to embrace automation.

Automation enables businesses to address the need to scale their operations without having to add to their workforce, with a more streamlined, flexible and efficient operation that drastically reduces errors.

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Manufacturers can begin to implement a high level of automation right away with an automatic band saw. These saws can literally run all day without human operation. This reduces labor costs while production rates stay the same. Buying an automatic band saw is a big step you can take in the direction of manufacturing automation.

Multiple cut lengths diversify cutting capabilities

Automatic band saws can even combine multiple cut lengths. Finished parts are automatically sorted, so a diverse range of jobs can be completed within the same day, automatically.

High-volume manufacturers save money with an automatic band saw by combining multiple cut lengths and jobs into the same day and removing human operation. This kind of machine is perfect for those looking to automate manufacturing processes within their company and allow themselves to scale up their business over time.

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