A-Turn SYM CNC Dual Spindle Lathe Gets Updated for 2022

The ever-popular A-Turn SYM (CNC Dual Spindle Lathe) series has been updated to better fit KAAST Machine Tools’ customer needs. This highly productive CNC Dual-Spindle Lathe offers a one-piece 30° slant-bed structural design. Now available in 4 different swing lengths; 22.5”, 27” (new for 2022), 27.5, or 36”, paired with any combination of 3 choices: S (Sub-spindle), Y (Y-axis), and M (live tooling).

Model Updates

The S model offers a sub-spindle, enabling the machine to process material almost continuously, running at 6000 rpm, 7.5kW (10Hp). With the 2022 updates to the A-Turn S, KAAST has added the option to increase the sub-spindle chuck diameter to 8” matched with 5000 rpm. The footprints of these turning centers have also increased slightly, as the X-Axis travel has been increased due to customer demand.

The Y model features Y-axis travel of ±50mm (±2”), increased from the previous Y-axis travel of ±40 mm (±1.57”). Adding the Y-axis allows complex turning and milling operations.

The M model refers to the live tooling option. The gear-driven BMT/VDI live tool turret with 12 station is matched with a servo-mechanical 5 Hp drive to turn up to 4000 rpm.

All models utilize the Fanuc 0i-T CNC control with an 8.4” color LCD monitor, 400 sets of registered part program numbers and 640 m part program memory. The standard 4-bar coolant system is contained by the standard full enclosure and the 3-color warning light allows the user to keep an eye on the machine while on the other side of the shop.

For more details on the A-Turn SYM and the rest of the A-Turn line visit the KAAST Slant Bed Lathes page.