09 Jan 2015
January 9, 2015

Shape Street expects and delivers the best

Shape Street

Thomas Fiore is a skilled designer and craftsman of furniture in New York, where he runs a business called Shape Street along with his partner Roberto. Together, they design and manufacture furniture for the event industry, and they design and build VIP lounges for hotels, nightclubs, bars, restaurants and casinos.

Thomas has a wide background ranging from film and entertainment to construction and remodeling. His artistic passion is what drives Shape Street to produce some of the best props and furniture for Broadway show productions, Fortune 500 companies and for some of the world’s hottest musical artists.

Shape Street uses a KAAST PBH-50 Profile Rolling MachineWhen Shape Street began just a couple years ago, Thomas researched many Profile Bending Machine options. He wanted the best quality, service, parts and availability, and his decision was easy upon discovering KAAST Machine Tools. He bought a Kaast PBH 50 Profile Roll, and he’s been very happy with production since.

“Because the machine is computer controlled, we can dial in and get the same profiles every time. It’s a better machine compared to what competitors had to offer, and everything’s been good so far.”—Thomas Fiore

You can find furnishings by Shape Street in some of the most elite nightclubs and lounges in New York City. Definitely get in touch with them if you’re setting up an event or a new restaurant or club, you won’t be disappointed.

Shape Street
42 N Industry Ct
Deer Park, NY 11729
(516) 543-0833

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