HCS NC cold saw

Fully Automatic NC Circular Cold Saws

HCS 75 NC • 120 NC

Our high-speed NC circular cold saw will cut 2.75″ bar into 2″ lengths at a rate of 500/hour!
At 24″ cut lengths, it will still produce over 400 clean-cut pieces an hour!


A rigid design and many anti-vibration features result in a saw that is fast, precise, efficient and clean. The thin-kerf blade (0.079″) reduces waste and increases efficiency. The automatic material diameter sensing ensures the fastest cycle times. A top vise jaw firmly clamps the material and allows for stacking of the material to increase throughput. A unique electromagnetic brake and gear transmission result in less noise, vibration and power consumption while improving blade life and cut quality. The bar loading magazine holds up to 13 pieces of 2.75″x20′ bar (additional capacity available).

Standard configuration

  • NC Control with 7″ touchscreen
  • Automatic material diameter sensing
  • Fast 20′ bar feed (944″/min) by AC servomotor and ballscrew
  • Automatic bar loader table
  • Automatic trim and remnant sorting
  • Saw blade feed by AC servomotor and ballscrew
  • Infinitely variable blade speed (Inverter)
  • Power blade brush
  • Chip conveyor
  • Oil mist coolant (programmable)
  • Variable vice pressure
  • Operation manual

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Specifications HCS 75 NC HCS 120 NC
2.96″ 4.7″
Round mm 10-75 (0.4-2.96”) 20-120 (0.78-4.7”)
Square mm 15-60 (0.6×2.3”) 20×85 (0.79-3.3”)
Main drive motor kW 11 (15 Hp) 14 (20 Hp)
Spindle speed rpm 50-225 (Inverter) 50-150 (Inverter)
Saw blade dimensions mm 280 (11”) 380 (15”)
Magazine capacity mm 75×6000 x 13pcs (2.96″x20′) 100×6000 x 8pcs (4.7″x20′)
Dimensions (L/W/H) mm 2290x2240x2130 (90x89x84”) 2290x3050x2150 (90x120x85”)
Weight kg 2460 (5,420 lbs) 3350 (7,380 lbs)

*The above specifications are subject to change without prior notice. No liability for printing mistakes. Machine may be shown with optional equipment.

In-Stock in Pennsylvania:

Machine Specs Price Availability
HCS 75 NC 2.96″ capacity, 400cuts/hr


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